Sunday, February 27, 2005

Thought for the day

Knead today's bread only.

Today's bread is the only bread I can possible eat.

I know the things I worry about usually never happen.

Help me focus on today.

Tomorrow will take care of itself.

~author unknown

I am always having to remind myself to not worry about the future. I tend to be very pessimistic internally. I may say out loud that there is nothing to worry about, everything will be just peachy. On the inside I am screaming, what will we do? How will we survive?

 Worrying consumes you, it becomes you. Eventually it will eat you up. On the other end of the pole are those who never worry about anything. they make no plans, everyday is party time. The future will take care of itself. Well guess what? Worriers worry about that they will have to take care of those people.

Somewhere in-between the 2 poles is where I want to be. I do not want to worry about how I will survive when I am old. The president of my country is trying to make sure that I have to worry about that. I am not rich, I have no pension plan, I pay my bills. I had hoped that I would have enough in SS that I would be able to continue to pay for necessities and buy some food. Fat chance now. So I just gave myself something else to worry about. Must go back and read verse again.



  1. I agree with you totally.....we have paid into social security all our lives and now he is trying to act like he is doing us a favor by "letting" us "invest" our money........I have aprox. 3 more years before I am 55 (the magic cut off date) so the 37 years I have paid into social security will be down the drain and I guess I am suppose to invest enough within 12 years to be able to retire! HAHAHA Yeah righ.....But our president doesn't have tp worry about social security because "WE THE PEOPLE" will be supporting him and his family the rest of his life.

    Sorry, it has been brewing in me :-)

  2. I strive to be in the middle, too. I used to spend HOURS and HOURS worrying over everything. Currently I am worrying about that avian flu.  Will it kill my kids?
    Worry is wasted time---now I try to get up and clean or do something instead of wasting my energy worrying. I wish I could be more like Jesus when he said not to worry, but I can't. Yet.

    love, Kas

  3. If you find that place, between worrying and not worrying, send me a map. I am a worry wart. I worry about everything and everyone, every day. Arrrggh.

  4. I, too, worry too much about things that may never happen or things I can't change.  It is a difficult balance to find, especially since our world is so complex and so changing.  I love the verse about kneading the bread.  Sometimes I plan so far ahead with my meals that I end up having to throw out food--same with other aspects of life.  Doesn't pay to plan too far ahead.

  5. Of course you are worried, and rightly so. We have been given the freedom to vote and unfortunately too many misguided people chose the now "King of the United States". It wll take many, many years to undo what this man has done to America. Watch, study, get informed, and vote on your local and state issues. Prayer and action are the only steps we can take now.

  6. You hit the nail on the head! Why, in this crazy economy, should we now have to start worrying about the one thing we knew would be there!He's cut so many taxes for the rich, BUT, if they would let him raise the maximum tax amount from 90K to 140K, the problem would be solved. Of course, that would mean those"haves" would have to care a little bit about the rest of us. FAT CHANCE!! rich

  7. Nice Thought ....I must remember that one.



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