Tuesday, March 1, 2005


I got up this morning to a dusting of snow and ice here. I figured that school would not be canceled and I was right. I got Brook up and she got ready for school and I drove down to catch the bus. It was about 5 minutes late. No problems there. Now I am siting here wondering if school will be closed. It is snowing.LOL. There are mountains in our county and they get icy. So far this year school has not been closed early and canceled due to snow. Mainly because it has not snowed. I know there are some of you that are saying , a dusting? They close schools with a dusting? Well I live in the SOUTH. We do not have snow plows. Our county has some guys in the back of a truck shoveling out salt and sand. I think we have 1 spreader. Now I doubt that school will be closed. It is a very light snowfall and the sun keeps coming out.

O yes, funny thing this morning. I have silly cats. There was a pile, yes that's right a pile, of cats sleeping on the porch, their fur covered with snow! I tried to get a picture but as soon as I touched the knob they all jumped up and ran to the door. You could see steam coming off the porch where they were laying!

That's it for now. time to check my laundry!


  1. That is amazing! About the cats. It's pretty cool down in S. Florida, too. My Maine Coons are really enjoying it.

  2. That`s a pity, I would have loved to see that photo !   Sandra xxx

  3. Oh Poor Kitties! Hope Brook gets home safe and sound! Take care!

  4. Cats know how to stay warm, don't they?  They know the rattle of a door knob, too, the rascals!


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