Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stupid insurance

The doctor's office called this morning. They decided to give Brook a different prescription. It was so much of a hassle to get it approved that one of the other doctor's in the practise called in a different prescription for her. Actually it is one that I like better. She willnow be taking Advair. Now this is the funny thing, the pulmicort would cost $98 for a 3 month supply, The Advair is $140 for a 30 day supply. Now which one would you think is more cost effective for the insurance company? It pays 100% of cost for Brook's prescriptions.

My eye is better, still sore but the oozing has quit for now.

Pat's back is still hurting. He is not taking the pills anymore and now he really feels it. Good. That will keep him from doing something he is not supposed to do. He goes back to doctor on 11th of April.

That's it for now. Back to folding laundry!


  1. They do that, BUT, how often can't you get just basic service from them, without an outlandish co-pay? GW's in the mix, I'm sure!! rich

  2. Glad you got Brook sme asthma medicine...asthma ia dangerous.  I hope your eye gets better, is your sight the same as before? Sure hope so.
    Take care,

  3. it amazes me how much surgeries and prescriptions cost.... we have got to do something about healthcare in this country. You all take care of yourselves!!!! judi

  4. I hate paying for meds.  I have insurance that I pay through the NOSE for, yet I must pay $30 for name-brand 'scripts? BS.  I'm sorry, but if I pay an ER $300 for a huge issue with one of my kids, the meds better be thrown in for free.  It doesn't happen that way, but it should.

  5. I don't understand half the crap these insurance companies do.



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