Monday, March 7, 2005


Yesterday was a beautiful day! the sun was shining and the day was warming up right nicely. My daughter called and asked if her next door neighbors could bring their horses over and ride. Of course we said yes.

They got over here and unloaded the horses . One was a nice, big, pretty horse called Jimmy. The other was a wild looking thing called Coco. Well, Belle was thrilled! There were horses in her yard. Not only that, they were BOY horses! Well Jimmy ignored her but Coco went into stud mode. It turns out that he was not cut until he was well into his breeding years and still thought he was a stud. We brought out our horses and got them saddled up to ride with them. That was when things started falling apart. I got on Precious and all hell broke loose when Coco came near her. He acts like a stud. She still has very vivid memeories of what that stud did to her last year. Check it out here If you have never been on a horse when they start fighting then let me tell you it is not fun! Precious flipped around and started bouncing her back legs up kicking at Coco and he was kicking at her! I got her going forward away from him but she was still hopping around sort of stiff-legged. I got her facing the hitching post and she got upset again because there were 2 horses at it and she started her backing up. She is a champion backer. She will back up 20 feet or more if you let her. I got somebody to grab her so she would stop and I was off. My back was killing me. All that twisting and hopping jarred my back something awful. It is still a bit sore today. I keep finding little sore places on me.

So they went riding. And I tell you this, that was a big bunch of greenhorns. They need to ride rental horses that go in circles. I thought I was a novice, I am an expert next to them!

Next time IF there is a next time I am staying inside!


  1. Wow Celeste, I wonder if you'll EVER be able to ride again, with your back like it is.  I'm glad you didn't get hurt, anyhow.

  2. Doesn't sound pretty. I hope your back gets better soon. That's the thing about really need to get to know them first. My daughter nearly got killed on a runaway.I fell off 8years ago and couldn't walk for a month. Sometimes I think that fall kicked in my MS. Funny though. I still want to ride again...if I get the chance...Ms uses "hippo-therapy" and I'm looking into it.You must be a very good rider to have managed to stay on and dis-mount relatively safe.

  3. I AM SO GLAD YOU GOT OFF WITH NO BROKEN LIMBS! I don't have a horse but some of our family do and I know what they can do to you.
    Hope Pat is better!

  4. Congratulations on keeping your seat!  That sounded pretty ugly.  and when I checked out what had happened to Precious - oh dear.  No wonder she got fresh.  Hope your back feels better soon.  

    Thanks for your kind comments in my journal.  Take good care of yourself,


  5. You sound happy in this entry, and I'm glad.  

  6. hestiahomeschoolMarch 8, 2005 at 3:13 AM

    Poor baby!  Those pictures made me feel so sorry for her!!

    I hope your back improves..maybe what you need is a smooth gaited horse, like a Tennessee Walking Horse?

  7. Riding a bucking horse...scary! Glad you and Precious weren't seriously injured!


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