Friday, March 25, 2005


I did it. I went yesterday and put in my application yesterday at Walmart. We will see how it comes out. It was frusterating because the machine would not do good. It has a touch screen which meant beating on the screen at least a dozen times each screen.

Yesterday morning after I took Brook down to the bus stop my dear sweet neighbor stopped me. He had just placed a cage in the back of his truck, I could see that it had a small animal in it. He tells me," if you want your cat you can go to the Humane Society to pick it up. I am going to thin out the cat population around here." What a jerk. I look at the cat and I tell him okay you do that. BTW that is not my cat. Well apparently he tells them that it is my cat because by the time I got home from Walmart there was a card stuck in the door from the animal control officer. I called him but he was not in. He never called me back.

He is such a petty little man. He is still teed off at me because I testified in court about his bull charging me. I was not going to lie about it. He is also teed off because I am friends with his ex wife. And the really really big thing is he is just mad beacause the courts are allowing his ex to sale off the property that they jointly owned. This was supposed to have taken place a long time ago but he has been in contempt of court by refusing to sign sale papers. The sad thing is he will not be moving. He is living in his mother's house.

I avoid him but at times he forces his way into my life by doing crappy stuff like that.

Little man, if you can call him a man.


  1. That's amazing that someone could be such a jerk.  Maybe lightning will strike him?  Wait a minute, I didn't say that!  :x

  2. Sounds a nasty character and he should be reported to abducting other people's cats. He has no right to do this.  Good luck with the job application and Happy Easter.

  3. What an absolute jerk to do something like that!

  4. What a jerk!  Poor cat!  I wonder who it belongs to?  Since you were wrongly notified, will they ever know what happened to their kitty?  JAE

  5. Congratulations on your efforts at Walmart!  Good luck!


  6. We have a neighbor like that.  Pettiness is so hard to abide in people.  Poor little cat.  

  7. BIG JERK!! I hate guys like that, they end up making all men look bad! BUT, proud of you for putting in the app, you win, regardless of the outcome. Way to go, Celeste!!!! rich

  8. With neighbors like that who needs enemies???? He is a big jerk....and we had one down the street from my mother- in -law's house...he kept calling the law on Danny's mom's dogs...finally we all had to go to court on it and i got up and talked to the judge and told him how this man was abusing the justice system just to harrass  Danny's ended up with the judge warning the jerk that he could spend alot of years in prison for his actions! lol Boy was he mad!!!! Ironically he did end up in prison....for child abuse!


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