Thursday, March 31, 2005


I have a cold. A comman everyday cold. I am sneezing and I really hate that. My nose is stopped up and I am dribbling. Ok maybe that was telling too much!

Brook has her first preformance tomorrow. Next month she will be preforming in a talent search. That will be fun! LOL. Hey she is cute. That counts for a lot in those stupid shows. And she will be on TV. LOL

Oh yes , she is taking her purple belt test tomorrow. There will also be 2 girls taking their black belt test too.

Does anyone know of a computer program (cheap or free)to learn Korean? She wants to learn to speak it.

Well that's it for me. I need to take my shower and drain my nose.


  1. You are right on target....Yuck!!!! Don't you just hate the stuffed up nose and then it will dribble too!!! May be allergies..things are beginning to bloom here now! I had to take a claritan at work....they are not suppose to make you sleepy but I did get sleepy a little.
    Gosh, Brook will be on tv??? You may have a star in your hands!
    Hope she has a lot of fun!
    Have you ever heard of Dogpile? Maybe you can put "free Korean language lessons" in and see what you get? Just a thought.
    Well take care.

  2. The shower stea should un-stuff your sinuses, some...feel better...JAE

  3. *!  JAE


    Find a local Korean restaurant too...they love it when Americans are trying to learn their language. It's good conversational practice.  

  5. See for numerous online resources in learning Korean.

  6. It must be a computer virus!  Everyone seems to have a cold at the moment. I do hope you feel better soon Celeste.  Good luck to Brooke. :-)   Sandra xxx

  7. My, if it isn't one thing it's another.  I hope you get well and stay that way.

  8. I have a head cold annoying.  Brook has alot of motivation.  Feel Better !



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