Thursday, March 17, 2005


They claim that they mailed him a check last week from worker's comp. The reduced pay is because he is at work and getting comp pay. We will see.

His mother is not coming down here.

My daughter may or may not be moving back home.

Brook is still my very favorite grandchild.( my only actually!)


  1. I hope that's true...what changed his Mom's mind?  JAE

  2. Good grief, what a roller coaster you're on.

  3. That should be right about the workmans comp...I've got a guy working on limited right now, and that is how his pay is...some from the company, some from workmans comp. Jeez, things seem comparatively calm at my house after reading this!

  4. Oh...I hope things are going ok...I wish the best for your daughter and grand daughter.

  5. Oh, my goodness, you can't know which way is up right now.  May I suggest a nice hot bath?  Or a long walk in fresh air?  This has been a nightmare for you.  I do hope things settle down for you soon, that you understand the finacial situation, that it is favorable, and that you can have some wonderful grandma/Brook cuddle sessions with a good book.   Hang in, you are a strong person - I can tell.  Meanwhile, thanks for all the St. P. Day wishes!


  6. Figured it was a "paperwork" problem. Be cool. Send me more jokes, Celeste. My shoulder is always available. rich


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