Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Looks like I will have a visitor for at least a day. Pat will be bringing his mother down here tonight after he gets off work. It could be morning before they get here.

Yesterday was the day that her daughter and grandaughter decided to jump on another daughter in the very small living room where their Mother was at. I mean a knock down drag out fist fight. While they were at it one of them find it necessary to also attack a 75 year old partially blind woman with advance heart and lung disease. She was hit several times in the head with a phone in addition to being knocked down. The granddaughter went to jail and the daughter that is a real piece of work, took off and took her mother's house keys and the rest of her mother's social security check that was left from her stealing it while her mother was in the hospital last week. So now she has no money and all the bills are due, sitting in a house terrified that they will come back, and refusing to come down here because she cannot lock up house. She finally did agree to come here with Pat when he got off work tonight. Most of this we did not find out until today when we stopped by there and a daughter was hauling all of the granddaughter and other daughter's stuff out of the house at her mother's request. I finished taking the stuff out including a computer that is now sitting outside in the rain. I did cover it up with a plastic bag but I doubt that will help it. And frankly I do not care. Because of the size of her door, the locks have to be ordered.

Sorry flylady I have to do more that 15 minutes and 5 inutes in the spare room. I just shampooed half the carpet and have to move bed and do the other half. All of Brook's toys that are in there are being moved out. Sheets still need to be put on the bed and a slat has to be replaced. I have it, just need to remove matress and boxsprings to place it.

Lordy send me good vibes, prayers or whatever! This woman does not like me but I think that right now she considers me the lesser of 3 evils!  The daughter in Indiana is supposed to be coming down next week to take her up there. We will see what happens.

Papers were signed this morning. Pat is nervous about that and this other stuff on top of that. It is a wonder he has not had a stroke or heart attack himself. This is a real happy place to be right now!


  1. terrible to attack an old woman...I know in this is considered a hate crime and you can do a life sentence for it. I am sorry to hear about all the discord....I also know that God will reward you and Pat for the good you are matter have to help family who cannot help themselves. I do hope the daughter and granddaughter get what they deserve...that is so unforgiveable. Keep poisitve...your heart is in the right place...and I am saying prayers for all of you.

  2. So much heartache, so much stress.  Your world is just a small version of the larger world in general.  I think there is something about modern life that contributes to all this intimate pain.  How we all need peace!  Hang in there.

  3. That is so insane! Sorry you have to be in the middle of this crap. MY God. Such anger in the world.

  4. Oh, my goodness, what stress for you,  And what a big heart you have.  I wish you well, and I wish that the visit is calm and that you can have some peace, my dear, for surely you deserve it, while life storms around you.


  5. MY MY!! Such insanity. Hope you hang tough. rich

  6. Saying Prayers for you all........Sounds like OUR life with hubbys crazy ex ! Youd think after 16 1/2 yrs , she'd get a life !

  7. Oh good golly...nice unhealthy dose of family drama there, eh? Ick.

  8. Oh Celeste;
    If I can do anything..... I can pray for you all. Bless your heart, you help everyone, don't you? Poor little old lady///this is the exact reason I had to got o court and have my brother thrown out of my mama's house....
    I am going to ask God to bless you Cleste, doing all this work for her....and I will also ask for a blessing for Pat...
    love ya,


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