Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Today was a mixed bag. I got up and did my stuff. Clean livingroom, make breakfast, you know normal stuff.  I needed to get my stuff done early because Brook had a doctor's appointment. Her asthma has been a bit off this week and I felt it was time to go. Anyway i vacuumed the floor nas then I got out my little hand vac to do around the bird cage, It is in the living room and it gets rather messy around it.  We have a tree limb for them to climb on and chew on. This leaves little pieces of wood all under it. Now I know this limb is there. I put it there. i bend over with my little vac and whap I put one of the little branches clean in my eye! Not just a poke, it went between my eyeball and socket bone! Came out with a popping sound. Let me tell you, instant tears and pain! I just held my eye for a bit and cried. Then Pat made me move my hand so he could see. No blood thank goodness. I popped my contact out and thank goodness it was not hurt. that contact costs $200 and it has to be special ordered. Well my eye got to feeling better so I put it back in. On to Brook. I got her to doctor's office and had to see the doc that I really don't like but had no choice. He was actually nice this time and did not treat me like an idiot. He listened to Brook's lungs real close. He must have kistened for a good 5 minutes. He is putting her on Pulmacort to be taken twice a day. I was afraid that would happen. He also prescribed a new cough medicine for her, BETATAN. It is blue and she hates the taste! The inhaler has to be approved and I was told it could take up to 24 hours to get it approved! This is outrageous! It is asthma medicine for heavens sake!And for a child! I could understand it is was something that would get you high or another drug could be made with it. So stupid. Oh well nothing I can do about it.

Brook and I had a picnic today. We picked up some wings and chips and beans and went to park and ate. Then off to Tae Kwon Do we went. She did fine thru the first hour. Then about halfway thru the second hour she was a litle out of it. By the time the third hour started she was down. Master Lee told her she could go home. No fever or anything, just wiped out. Her throat is sore though, Sinus drainage. So we made it home early tonight. Good thing too. My eye is starting to swell up. I may have to call eye doc tomorrow.


  1. My God, Celeste...you may better get yourself to a doctor...wood is bad about causing infections...I hope you feel better. It doesn't make any darn scense that you have to wait to get Brook's inhaler...gosh she is just a kid and may need it now! ( I have asthma and so does my daughter Amanda, and we both have inhalers.)
    Well, please see about your eye,ok?

  2. You should have the eye seen about--pronto.  Don't take chances with your eyesight.  Wood can cause the worst infections.  About the inhaler:  I get so tired of dealing with medical issues.  It just seems so inhumane, sometimes.  Take care.

  3. Ouch ouch ouch! My eye hurts just reading this. See your eye doc for sure. Wood that has bird waste on it...in your eye...not good.

  4. That eye sounds terrible.  Don't procrastinate.  You could get an infection and lose your sight.  

  5. Ouch, I almost felt it.  Please get it checked out, it is not worth taking chances with your eyesight.  Hope Brook feels a lot better really soon.


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