Sunday, July 24, 2005


Yesterday was a mixed bag. LOL My daughter picked me up to take me to meet her boyfriend's mother. Her boyfriend cooked lunch, it was pretty good. It was nice to meet his family. Everyone was so nice. They are a loving family, very  affectionate and hugging. His mother does not speak very much English but does understand a lot of it. She came here from Guatemala almost 40 years ago. She is an elderly sweet woman. She is leaving to go back to Dallas today.
After lunch was over I came home and Pat had brought his mother here. His sister has not at the house. Left to go out partying I guess. Pat said that the house smelled bad. Thw hole time she was here she just said how she wanted to go home. That she had to clean the house up in the morning. I asked her why does she have to if J is there. She said she cleans it. Pat shook his head. She insists that J has not taken any of her money. I asked her well how much did you give her to go to the store with? She said I only gave her $50. I told her that if she had given her that then she would still have money. I asked her if she had spent any other money and of course she had not. So now she has no money to buy smokes, medicines or pay for doctor at the end of the month.
Belle decided to get out. She jumped the fence and broke it. I saw her and Pat ran out and called her name and she came running back to him! I am so glad! So I am fixing fence while he holds her. Turned the juice back on so it will shock her if she touches it.
Pat took his mother home after that.
Candy came home with Brook, her boyfriend Johnny, and his niece Natalie and they brought sparklers with them. The girls had the place smoked up with those.
It was late when we all got to bed, after midnight. Everyone slept in. Now it is 90 degrees outside and th eheat index(feels like) is 101! Will not be doing anything outside until late this evening! Stay cool everyone!


  1. I have been out in the heat fixing fence today. The goats got out yesterday most have been a good day for a little freedom! LOL I hope Belle stays in this time.

  2. It's 97 with a heat index of 115 in my little corner of the state.  I came home early from work today, a rare treat.  I'm staying in the air conditioning til the sun goes down.  I'm glad your daughter's boyfriends's mother was nice.  It was good that you got to meet her.  I hope the fence holds Belle now that you have fixed it.  Godd luck to you and Pat with Pat's mom.  You seem to have your hands full.

  3. We need a break from this humidity dear!  Let's all go somewhere wait...somewhere else is hot right now too.  C.

  4. I am doing much of the same thing. Staying in until the sun goes down. It is so warm and humid here in Florida that I have to take a shower evrytime I go out of the house.

  5. The heat here has been terrible...Friday it was 105 here....
    It was very sweet of Candy's boyfriend to fix lunch and you even got to meet his mother! It is good that he comes from a loving family.
    Hope all works out well with your MIL....if you need to you can contact the Elder Abuse folks...
    Poor Belle...maybe she was just trying to find omewhere that was cool! lol

  6. I miss the service that seems to be everywhere but California, but I do not miss the heat!  

    I hope the boyfriend works out.

  7. "it was pretty good"

    When I read that, I thought, "my, she's being nice.".

    Were you just being nice?


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