Monday, July 18, 2005

Thru Satruday

Friday dawns as whiffs of smoke drift through the air. Pat has already left for work, this was his first shift day. Right away my head starts pounding. I know that today will be stressful. First thing, "where's Pat? I am ready to go home." I explain to her that Pat was at work to no avail. She says he knows I want to go home. I throw my hands up and just ignore. I make my cup of hot tea and her coffee and set about cooking breakfast. As the day goes on she is getting more impatience. She refuses to eat lunch and chooses to drink a coke instead. Finally my soaps come on and I watch them. Of course they are different than hers. Her does come on at a different time. After a while she goes to bed for a nap. My soaps end and Brook changes TV to PBS. Hazel comes in and says I wish I could watch my damn show. Brook gets up and puts Hazel's show on with no prompting, very big of her. I was proud of her. She was watching one of her favorite shows. There was only 15 minutes left of the soap.

It is almost 5pm and Pat calls. He is on his way home. I make the crust for the chicken pot pies, I had cooked the stuffing for it earlier. It is one of our favorite meals. He gets home and the pies are almost ready. He falls asleep on the couch. I do not know how he could do that with his mama harping on. I know he is tired. He has been up since 5am. That is hard on someone that normally works second shift.

Dinner is done and we eat. Now we load up the rest of her stuff and take it up there. When we get there a neighbor stops and tells us that the AC unit was making funny noises. O boy. We go in and the house is not cold like it should be. Out comes the fans. We check the unit and it is hot. We cannot convince her to go home with us again. She stays there. A repaiman has been called and he will be out on Saturday.

We head home. Breathing  fresh air. LOL We stop at Sonic and order ice cream!

Satruday comes and I call and make sure she takes her medicine. I ask her if she has eatten. She says she has had some crackers. I fixed her several bisquits and sausages and put them in her fridge. All she has to do is reheat them in microwave. I also made her a pot pie and that is all she needs to do. Thru out the day I called and kept getting the same responce. Pat stops by after work and took her some doughnuts.(She was mad at me because Thursday at the doctor, she made the remark that she liked doughnuts. After we get home she is grippy because I did not stop and get her any! She said that she told me she wanted some. No she never did. I have to watch my sugar intake and it is dangerous to bring them into my house. I will eat them all!) Everything seemed fine, the repairman had not been there yet. The house was fairly cool as the sun had not been out much that day. Pat left and came home.

The repairman finaly came and it only cost $45!



  1. I truly feel for you Celeste, I hope things get easier for you.  Do try and rest . ((((hugs))))

    Sandra xxxx

  2. OMGosh...your hands are full...JAE

  3. It all depends on the soap. Now if it was "Passions" then I could see changing the channel. LOL!

  4. Your patience is commendable. I think I would have told her off by now. Try get some've earned it.

  5. Celeste
    I just got caught up on your last few entries.  What an ordeal you have been through.  Now that your MIL is in her own home perhaps you can get back to some semblance of normalcy.  Your luck MUST be changing, I mean who gets their AC fixed for just $45 these days?  Take care, and don't forget to pace yourself in this heat.  I know you are dying to get back out in that big vegetable garden of yours.


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