Friday, July 22, 2005

update on Buddy

Buddy is doing well. He has totally forgiven me for fixing that little problem he had.LOL He does not miss a thing! Now as far as his face, it was touch and go. In spite of my cleaning it everyday, he still developed a larger plug of pus in his cheek. The scab came off and you could see it. Clearly he still had infection. I kept cleaning on it. Once I was sitting in the kitchen floor wiping it down and I started pulling the plug, trying to remove it. I was pulling hard. I know it hurt him but he laid there and let me do it. Another cat came up to him while I was doing it and he slashed out at her. She approached him again and again he slashed at her. It hurt him so much what I was doing yet he allowed me to do it. He is going to be a good kitty. He finally popped the plug out by scratching it. He came up to me with it running down his face. As I washed his face he was purring. Now he is playing. He feels good now. He still has a huge hole in the side of his face but it is closing up and looking better. I don't think he will ever be able to open his eye all the way anymore. I am not sure that he did not lose some of his sight. He is going to survive this one.



  1. He's a trooper!

  2. That is amazing that he let you do it.  Wow!  I had a cat once that kept messing with my father's fishing rods that were hanging on the wall.  It was too late before I realized he was messing with the line that had a hook hanging from it.  Who puts the poles up like that anyway.  Poor thing slap the hook and it went right in his paw.  He would not let me get it.  Finally I had to cover him with a blanket and lay on top of him with nothing but his little paw sticking out from under the blanket and work on it like that, with me laying right on top of him holding him still.  I got it out, but when I was done I was sweating and breathing all hard.  LOL!  

    I hope Buddy continues to recover well!

  3. Ohhhh!  Come here come here!  My male cat has decided to spar with another cat and has a really bad spot on his back (yes he went to the vet) that I am having a hard time healing.  C.

  4. Awww my heart goes out to little Buddy!  I'm glad to hear he will survive.  He is going to be a good companion.

  5. I'm glade buddy is doing better.

  6. Oh thank God!  And I know that Buddy must really love you Celeste to let you do all that!

  7. I am glad Buddy seems to be doing well. I am unfortunately trying to find new parents for one of my male cats.  He has become OBNOXIOUS and wants to be the dominating CAT in the house and has been SPRAYING the entire domain.  

    I have tried for months to break him of this and have bought everything on the market to discourage this behavior.  Vet suggested a new home with NO other cats or get rid of the others and just keep him.  (I have 4 so I think it would be easier to get rid of one and not 3)  I love him though and he is BEAUTIFUL !!  It will be hard, but he NEEDS to be happy !


  8. Poor little kitty. Glad he is doing better.


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