Saturday, July 2, 2005


      I did my part yesterday. Gave up the red stuff. Now on to the fun stuff.
       Brook had a demo yesterday at the Freedom Festival. The Freedom Festival is what our town does to celebrate the Fourth of July. Every year on the Friday before the 4th we have a small gathering at the town's Rec center. A lot of churches and other organizations and individuals set up boothes and sell food and other stuff. There were several games also. The pool and rec center were open. There was free swimming and the rec center was open also. A live band played. They were pretty good too! Played a good variety of music. All around chairs were set up. Friends and family wandered around taking in the sights, talking and eatting.  Young teens and older teens were walking the walk checking out who was there. Squealing and running up to see someone they have not seen since school was out, or maybe just the day before! Children were running around everywhere. One of the joys of small town living is everybody knows somebody or somebody's neighbor or cousin. LOL Even with all the publicity about drugs and child molesters people still felt safe enough to let their kids run ahead of them. The excitement was building as dark settled in. People were settling down waiting for the main event. Laughter filled the air along with a few sleepy cries. Just behind the eighteenth hole on the golf course, rockets flew into the air bursting overhead in a colorful display of lights. For the next 20 minutes booms and smoke filled the air. Voices raised up in cheers when  a particular pretty one was shown. The Star Spangled Banner was playing as the grand finiale burst in the air. Boom after boom, children and adults standing with their ears covered or cheering the sounds and sights. 

          What a good day it was.

               Backgrounds by Marie


  1. Sounds wonderful! Yes, I'm glad to have raised Meg in a small town, too. Margo

  2. Happy happy 4th to you dear!  Be safe.  And, hey, drop by Rocketman's journal...he was asking about you...we are the twins again.  LOL                     C.

  3. hi you sound happy and like you live in an idyllic community...have a wonderful celebration pf our freedom cmp

  4. Wish I could have been there with yall!! Would have loved to see Brook having so much fun! I love fireworks myself and also a good band! And patriotic music!
    HAppy Fourth of July!!!

  5. I was there about 8:30 I had a birthday party to go to first. Its great how they had it all kid orentated. I enjoyed the fire works from the baseball field bleachers near the pool. We may have passed each other and didnt know! Good writing makes you wish you were there--wait I was. LOL sorry my comment is long. Your GA neighbor Terrie

  6. Sounds great. I worked my butt off. But, all of you who have off on the holidays need someone to serve you. That's where I come in.

  7. hestiahomeschoolJuly 7, 2005 at 11:30 PM

    I am so glad that Brooke has a grandma like you. I wish Darren's grandfather was more loving...


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