Friday, July 15, 2005

The next day and more

The next day, my nose woke me up. I had forgotten what it was like to have a smoker in the house. My daughter smokes but goes outside. Hazel is an early riser. So I get up and fix a pot of coffee( after I fix my tea!) I get breakfast cooked as everyone straggled into the living room and kitchen. Breakfast was a good affair. I made blueberry pancakes, sausage and eggs. Not greasy eggs! LOL I have a pan that I do not need to oil up! Now the fun begins. This woman wants to go home. We did manage to convince her to stay with us. Taking it one day at a time.
Let me give a little background health wise, on Hazel. She is 78 years old. She has COPD.(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) About 3 years ago she had a double bi-pass surgery on her heart, she needed a Quad. They were barely able to do the double. She was in the hospital much longer than the normal period of time as they had trouble getting her off vent. She has high-blood pressure and anxiety attacks. She has had cararact surgery. She also has macular degeneration. She is virtually blind. She only has peripheral vision.
Sunday was not a pleasant day. All day long she moaned about going home and finding J, the drug addict, to come stay with her. Talking about how good she was to her. She is totally blind to the fact that J does not care for her mama and only uses her for her money and pills. We were able to convince her to give us $100 in addition to the $100 I found. We cannot convice her to open up a bank account.
On Monday, she raised such a fit to take her stuff home that Pat took her and some on her stuff home. They went to the electric board to get the power back on. He then took her home and she was mad because it was a mess. I did not want to clean it before she got home because I wanted her to see what her precious daughter did. I did dispose of the drug stuff that had been left in there. She got mad again because he refused to leave her there.


  1. My Lord, Celeste, sounds like you're gonna have your hands full. I will say a prayer for your nerves! lol
    Take care,

  2. Good grief! You are a much better person than me. I would be looking up assisted living facilities ASAP and looking settle her in where she could have round the clock care. She has COPD and is still smoking?!? lordy lordy...

  3. Celeste
    When you told us you were going to go and get H, I commented that it was the right thing to do.  After reading about the whole trip and homecoming, let me just say that I think you are a saint for putting up with all of this.  I know family is family and you don't have much of a choice, but you are still a saint for doing it.
    Welcome back!  We all missed you while you were gone.

  4. You are an absolute treasure for going through all of this xxxx

  5. Thank you for your kind words!  Everyday I find more people in J-land to appreciate !


  6. hestiahomeschoolJuly 17, 2005 at 2:44 PM

    Lord, are a saint...

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