Friday, July 15, 2005

Part 3

So we get headed down the road back down to Georgia and Hazel tells us she has not eatten breakfast. we are driving down a country road with pretty much no towns before we hit Indianapolis. Luckily we came to a small town that had a restruant in it that was serving breakfast. In we go and we all ordered a country breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, toast and gravy. Our plates were brought out and I was surprised. I had forgotten that up where we were it was common for the gravy to be put on the hashbrowns. That was no problem, I was hungry and ate it anyway. After breakfast was over H insisted on paying for it. She pulled out her money and gave Pat a 100 dollar bill. He gave it back and said that it was too much. She thought that it was a ten she had given him. So she fumbled with the money and finially decided that she was giving him a ten, it was a twenty. LOL Little did she realize that breakfast was $25! She actually thought that $10 would cover it. Everyone got up to leave and I saw something fall from her lap. They left the place and I went around to the other side of the table and there on the floor was the $100 bill. I picked it up and placed it in my pocket book. Back on the road again and with H chain smoking. Soon we were stopping often. I had forgotten what a greasy meal does to my stomach. Finally we are on the big road hammering down headed home. Of course there were a couple more stops along the way. Finally on the other side of Louisville I started feeling better and I took over driving about an hour away from Nashville. I tell you that is not the prefered way to lose weight! When we got to Monteagle I felt well enough to eat. We stopped and I told Pat about the money. He was upset about it, not that I had it, with his mother. Another hour and a half and we were home. At once the gripping started, she wanted us to take her to her home, no matter there was no electric on or phone. Then she started gripping that her stuff was outside and she wanted it taken to her house. She was working herself up into a real tizzy. Pat and I carried her stuff in the house and put it into Candy's room. That apeased her for a while. Finally she went to bed. That ended the trip. Praise be!


  1. oh dear!

  2. OMGoodness...what a trip...JAE

  3. Sounds like she needs some care. God bless you hang in there.

  4. Wow. She really does need some looking after, doesn't she.


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