Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I am catching up! I had over 400 alerts. Have patience with me. I am reading, crying, laughing, agreeing and dis agreeing with what I read. Just not commenting a lot. Love you all!


  1. take your time, LOL  just delete mine LOL

  2. No worries dear!  TY for your offer of help at my journal...I think I may have a handle on it.  "The Other C"  ;)

  3. Celeste
    I just got caught up with all your posts since you got back.  Glad you returned safely!  What a trip you had!  Take your time getting settled back in, we will all still be here.

  4. It is sometimes hard to get caught up!  Good luck!  JAE

  5. I will have to turn my alerts off when I go away on holiday next month.  Much as I love all my friends from J-Land, I`d never catch up with 14 days worth!  :-)

    Sandra xxxx

  6. Its hard to catch up! We are waiting for part 3 you left us hanging! LOL


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