Tuesday, July 26, 2005

just a day

Well Belle jumped the fence yesterday while Brook and I were at TaeKwonDo. This is the 3rd time this weekend. This morning while preparing to go get her I had a shock, she was in the field with the other horses! We really did not expect that. I went inside and finished working on some of my stuff(reading journals and picking up). Pat got up and I could tell he was not happy! He was dreading going to get Belle in the heat. He thought he had overslept and wanted to know why I did  not get him up! I laughed and told him what I had seen. He was so relieved! Right now she is still out there with the other 2. I finished getting breakfast done and then I got my stuff ready to work on fence. Went out with my little bucket with had a hammer, wire, nails, wire cutters, pliers, electric fence do dads, and a pistol. I proceeded to put up a gate made from electric fence wire. Next I went down the fence line checking for any breaks and clearing off the vines from the electric wire that was topping the barbed wire fence. I know some of you are saying well where was Pat when I was out in the heat doing all that? Well he was under the brush hog sharpening the blades. I am the one that usually does the fence repairs around here. I have no idea why. I like doing it and I guess I just sort of took over the job. I can pound in metal poles or dig holes with post hole digger for the wooden ones. I can string barbed wire and electric. We do not have a fence stretcher so I have learned how to tighten the wire without one. Gotta watch that barbed stuff, if you tighten it too much you may find yourself wrapped up in it. It can snap and spring back at you and wrap around you. It is dangerous stuff.

Pretty hot out there right now. Temperature is 95, heat index is 110, humidity is 59%. My advice is to stay inside! I checked the pool water just a bit ago and it is as warm as bath water! My water at the sink is lukewarm. It has to travel a long way thru hot ground before it gets to my tap. Brook does not want to get in the pool because it is so hot. We did not go to TaeKwonDo tonight because of the heat. My van has no A/C. Hope it breaks soon!

Our birds were so cute the other day. We let them out all the time and  they fly around the house. The cats pay no mind to them doing that. Sometimes they run out of the room when the birds start flying. Anyway, for some reason their door shut on their cage whilethey were out. It was about the time that I usually put them up and Chip was down at the door messing with it. Peaches joined him, although she did not help. She just sat there and hollared. We could tell that Chip was trying to get in the cage! He kept working the door until finally he opened it and they both went inside.   


That's it for now. Gonna drink my water and think about getting in the pool. Might do some weeding after the sun strts setting.


  1. You are far too ambitious. You make us slackers look.......slackeyer. I wish that would motivate me to do some weeding but.....
    I had a couple of horses when I was in high school. One would constantly end up in the back field with some one elses. ( I boarded them). I couldn't figure out how he did it until one day someone else watched him drop down to the ground and crawl UNDER the fence.

  2. Oh, Celeste, you make me feel that I am so lazy! wow! I hope Pat appreciates what a good wife he has!

  3. I enjoy that kind of work, too.  I love to help dad with the fence.  Actually, any outside work makes me feel good.  It's an immediate gratification thing...you can see the results as soon as you're done.  Also, I love the bird pics.  How funny that they wanted to go to bed, and found a way to get there.

  4. You would get along well with John's daughter and ex-wife. They do lots of fence building and fence repair. Never learned the trade myself but I sure can gofer. Your birds are pretty. I taught a parakeet to talk once, before I had kids. Paula

  5. Wow, Belle sure does get out a lot.  And you are one tough woman for fixing the fence all the time!
    Wow, it is hot where you live!  The heat index only got up to about 105 or so today where I live.  It must have been horrible where you were at.  
    By the way, your birds are beautiful!


  6. I'm impressed you can stretch fence without a stretcher.  You be careful!  I hope you didn'thave to use the pistol.  I know it's taken in case you come upon a snake or even a rabid animal while walking the fince line.  The birds are cute and smart, LOL!  Take care in this heat and try and pace yourself.  That's what I'm trying to do along with drinking plenty of liquids.  Today will be 100 degrees in Savannah.  1st time since 2002.  The heat index is going to be 110-115.

  7. I'm not surprized that you fix the fence.
    I'm glade she is staying in the fence now
    seems like all we do around here is fix fence


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