Sunday, July 17, 2005

Up thru Thursday

Monday I called the doctore to make an appointment for Hazel. The earliest appointment I could get was on Thursday. She argued about that telling me that she did not need to go. She has a place on her arm. A rather nasty looking place. It was a raised up place colored red and black with a bit of white crust on it. It is about an inch and half across, an uneven circle shape. She kept saying it was a boil from where she scratched herself about a week before. I know that it is not. It is not fluid filled, it has a blood supply. LOL anyway now I have to listen as to why she does not need to go to a doctor for it. Her old doctor refuses to see her anymore. Probably because of her dependency on pain pills and non-compliancy to doctor's orders. I am amazed that she is still alive.

"Pat knows I want him to take me home." "Why don't you have any damn bobby pins?" "Where's Candy? She can take me home." "I wish you had a car." " I want to go home." "When will Candy be home?" "Call C, she will come get me." "J was good to me. She has a good heart." "Why don't you have any cookies?" On and on it goes. I never realized just how much patience I had LOL.

Minute by minute time marches on. Monday rolls into Tuesday, Tuesday becomes Wednesday. She insists that the power is on at her house. The power board said Thursday power will be turned on. She wants to eat what I do not have. She snacks all the time on stuff I do not buy~ sliced cheese, doughnuts, candy bars, crackers, chips, cookies. She wants hamburgers all the time. I rarely have hamburgers in my house. Everyday I ask her what she wants for lunch, everyday she says a hamburger. Everyday I explain that we do not have any, that I rarely cook them because of our health. Makes no difference. Sometimes it is like caring for a child. I believe that there is some dementia involved also. She does have some carotid artery blockage and a family history of Alzheimers.

Thursday has rolled around and I am at walmart at 6:30 AM buying groceries. This is going to be a busy day for me. I get home in time to cook breakfast and get the groceries put up and then off we go to take her to the doctor. We get there and fill out new patient paperwork and start waiting. Finally almost an hour and half past our appointment time we get called back. Once back there the nurse checks vitals and looks at place on arm. The doctor comes in about 5 minutes later. It was a long 5 minutes! She is complaining that she does not need to be here and she is cold and what is taking him so long. LOL I had always waited longer than 5 minutes in the exam room for the doctor. He comes in and asks what is wrong. I tell him what we are there for, new prescriptions and the place on her arm. The whole time Hazel is just saying all you have to do is just drain it and I can go home. ARGGGGGG He listens to her breathing and neck and looks at her arm. He then puts gloves on and starts messing with the place. He asks questions about it. She insisted it was just an infection. He asid no. I need to send you to plastic surgeon and have that removed. He tried to tell her that it was probably a skin cancer and need to be removed. She said no it was not. Cancer does not grow like that. It was just a place she scratched off. We tried to explain to her that cancer can grow fast like that if it has been disturbed.

So anyway, she now has an appointment on the 28th to see surgeon. She will be expecting him to take it off right away. More than likely he will have her come back for office surgery or have it done in day surgery. It is large and does have blood supply.

Thursday evening rolls around and she is whining about going home. We agree to take her there. The house is hot when we get there. We turn on everything and she gets to see just how bad her daughter trashed the place. She gets upset at how bad it is. But instead of blaming who did it, she goes on about how she cannot believe that she left the place like that! I get busy cleaning. There is mildew everywhere. I vacuum and wash dishes. I clean out the refrigerator which was nasty. Sweat is rolling down my spine, my hair is sticking to my neck, it is hot! I slowly cleaned the freezer, allowing the frigid air to blow in my face. Finally I  give out. I am hot, tired and hungry. We convinced Hazel to come back home with us, at least for the night.


  1. Celeste, you are letting people walk on you.  Don't do it!

  2. Oh, this is so reminiscent on my late mother-in-law.  That woman never stopped moaning, nothing was ever right, she argued black was white.  She could be very trying.  Hope they get Hazel's arm sorted.

  3. My prayers are with you hun...I know it cannot be easy and God Bless you for the amount of patience you have had...just know that God will reward you ten fold.,,,,,I believe that.
    Take Care

  4. You've got your hands full. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Paula

  5. You are doing the right thing, however hard it mat be, hehe buy some soy burgers, and let the old lady eat real healthy, LOL  like Bocca burgers, they look like the real thing, and taste pretty good,  best if pan fried though,in olive oil,  don't microwave, yuck! Of course whole weat buns too.  LOL

  6. God bless you girl! hang in there

  7. I hope your MIL appreciates all you've done and still doing for her. Bless you for being such a good DIL!

  8. Oh my goodness, Celeste, I am so sorry for all the aggrivation and worry you are crawling throught. I am very slowly catching up on peoples' lives. I hope you can take cfare of yourself during this process. I will send energy and Light. Margo  

  9. Poor you Celeste, you must be worn out!  I do hope you are taking care of yourself while all this is going on.  You need some time for yourself, take care.


    Sandra xxxxx

  10. My gosh, woman, you are a saint. I swear...nursing home! Jeeze I sound cold. But really, her condition is only going to get worse.

  11. Bless you and bless you and bless you.  I have recently had to do the fun.  C.


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