Thursday, July 1, 2004


Yesterday was a full day. First thing I did was take Brook to her friends house for a sleepover. She lives about 20 minutes away. After getting home I went out to the horses. Belle was missing. Craps!!

Inside I went and woke up Pat. We got Crystal out and saddled her up to go get Belle. Pat rode to the back fence, I drove the truck. We have made a temporary gate on the fence for just this purpose. I waited at the fence while he rode to find Belle. I was looking through the binoculars and spotted them coming back. Belle was trailing along behind Crystal then tried cutting her off.

She was not alone. She brought her friend with her, Eyeore.

We got her home and locked her up in the barn while I worked on the fence. I put electric wire at the 5 foot mark hoping that will keep her in. I wasjust getting it tied in to the other hot wire when a commotion arose. Precious and Crystal were chasing that poor little donkey. Belle was having a fit in the barn! She was hollaring and kicking. She then tried to jump through the door opening at top. pat ran over there and let her out before she hurt herself. The donkey was running towards the gate with the other horses behind him, Belle was heading straight to him at a dead run. i hollared at Pat to plug in the fence! He ran to it and hooked it up just as Belle reached the short space between Eyeore and Crystal. The donkey kept running throught the gate. He is just short enough to go under it. Belle spun around to keep from hitting the gate. She stayed there between Eyeore and the other horses. She wanted on the other side so bad. She kept smelling the fence but would not touch it. Eyeore was calling her but she did not follow. He came back in the field and stayed right next to Belle.

 I thought that is enough for today, well........ not so.

I went down to my friend's house after Pat left for work to help her finish up the packing. Her ex figured he would ride around on his tractor and watch us. He rode around in a circle for about 30 minutes, mowing the same spot over and over again. He does it that way and the police will not do a thing even though he is in violation of retraining order. He is able to get away with it if he is doing "work". HA! we got all that done and she needed to go into bathroom. The door was locked. So I proceeded to take the knob off as it was to tight a fit to jimmy the latch. Afterwards she asked me if there was anything that I could not do. LOL. I know there are things I cannot do but when it comes to a lot of things I can figure out what to do. Comes out of neccessity. I can wire a house for electicity or a phone. I can fix a toliet or replace one if needed. I can install locks and knobs, lay tile and remove wallpaper. I can repair holes in the walls and lay pipes for plumbing. I can put in fence poles and string barbwire. Change the oil and replace a starter. Shoot I do not know what all I can do. I had to learn.

So I go home and hop on the computer. LOL After all I am alone and can do what I want. Well I had just gotten into playing a game when the phone rang. It was Brook. She was crying, her head hurt and wanted to come home. I spoke to Sara and told her that I would be there as soon as I could. I have a certain degree of nightblindness so I was going to have to drive SLOW!! This was at 10 pm.

Was this the end of my exciting day? NO!!! I picked her up and we were on our way home when the acelerator got stuck on the van! Now that was scary! I am on a road that I do not know very well and the van is moving faster. It finally eased off and we made it home safely. We got back at 11:30.

I went to bed!!


  1. Well, I'm glad to hear you made it home safely.  I hope Brooke is ok.  Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh how i want to go horse back riding. YOu are so lucky I just love your horse too. Lori

  3. hestiahomeschoolJuly 1, 2004 at 11:14 PM

    WHEW!!  What a day.  Belle has filled out from the earlier pictures. She is so lovely.

  4. As long as you have children and pets (not to mention men), you may as well accept surprises!

  5. WHEW!!! What a day! Your horses are gorgeous! & That little donkey is adorable! : ) Glad everything ended ok!!!!

  6. om gosh i love the donkey........what a bad day you had huh!


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