Monday, July 12, 2004


As far as weekends go it was okay. Saturday was a fairly lazy day as I had an earache and was getting dizzy when I turned my head. Sunday was much the same.

Pat asked me if I would like a wine cooler and the idea really sounded good. I have not had one in several years. Georgia does not have alcohol takeout sales on Sundays so we had to drive to Chattanooga. Right after we got back we picked corn and husked it. Talk about working up a sweat! It was hot! We only got 2 dozen ears put up last night. Afterwards we drink a couple of coolers and well..... I was tipsy! It sure does not take much! The rest of the evening was spent watching TV.


  1. yeah getting hot and even drinking a wine cooler wil sometimes set you back especially if you have not had one in awhile.

  2. I get tipsy after a glass of wine too.  Glad you had a nice weekend!


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