Wednesday, July 21, 2004

   I have a horse in my backyard. LOL the good thing is I do not have to mow my back yard!LOLOLOL Save on gas. Belle is now in my backyard. With everything that is going on it is impossible to keep her in her stall and let her out to graze. So today we put up a temporary fence  in the backyard. She has plenty of room , lots of grass ( I have not cut the back in a couple of weeks ) water and shade. As for shelter she can go under the carport or in the haybarn. I can put up with shoveling poop up out of my backyard for a while.

   So anyway she has discovered the window. It is right beside my computer. I wish I had my camera turned on when she was there looking in. She has to raise her head up because the window is higher than she is LOL. I opened the window and fed her some carrots. She is not real happy because she is by herself. i hope she stays and does not jump or go thru the fence.


  1. AWWWW yes take a pic of the hourse by the weindow. Gongrats on the weight loss. YEs let us know about the tests. Lori

  2. hey thats one good thing i guess....i wanta horse.

  3. She would probably stick her head in to say hello if you opened a window!


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