Monday, July 5, 2004

The day after

Today I fixed my ribs. Had to do them in the oven as the grill was out of gas. I put them on at 9 this morning. then started getting the house ready for company. LOL they got here wayyyyyy before I was ready. Oh well. I am a messy cook and a messy housekeeper. But I sure can cook up a storm!!! Don't get me wrong, I can clean house. I used to do it for a living at one time in my life. I hate it though. I had a good talk and visit. It was my hunny's cousin and her husband and kids from Flordia. She calls him uncle. The kids played with the donkey and dog and cats. Pat saddled up Crystal and let them ride her.

After they left Pat went to get his mother. I put dinner on the table and left to take Brook to her Twa Kwon Do. It seems that I No matter what I do something gets screwed up when I have her for dinner. Luckily dinner was ready when she walked in the door. LOL and I walked out the door. After we got back Brook and I ate and then we cut up the watermelon. It was soooo good, sweet and juicy! Pat was feeding me pieces that he picked the seeds out of them. That man can be so sweet sometimes.

Now the day is over and all is quiet. Pat left to take her mother home, Brook is in bed and I am here. Just me and my shadow and all these kittens climbing over my feet.


  1. sounds like a fun filled busy day. Lori

  2. relax now my friend!

  3. hestiahomeschoolJuly 9, 2004 at 3:09 AM

    Brooke is lucky to have a grandma like you. Mine was the best in the whole world.


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