Monday, July 26, 2004


Yesterday we went shopping. Yep that's right, to Walmart. It is time to buy school supplies. Brook starts back to school Monday and she is excited about it. So very carefully she picked out all her supplies. Went thru several boxes of Kleenix just to find the right boxes for school. Picked thru the folders and finally decided on which 2 she wanted. 30 minutes was spent on picking out a backpack. She decided on a Lil Bratz backpack. Sometime this week we will go shopping for some new clothes. Probally this weekend. Georgia is having a tax free weekend to help offset the cost of school stuff. We only have a 7% tax rate but I will tell you this... every penny helps. Of course the people in TN will come across stateline to shop. They pay 10 cents in Chattanooga for sales tax.

I don't know which of these 2 had the most fun.


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  1. School is starting already, man ours don't start till Sept 1st. I just love School shopping, cept for the money sitaution. Our sales tax here is 5%, and we never get a break, your lucky. I love the wal mart pics...they are great...they both do look like they are havin fun.


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