Monday, July 12, 2004

So far today...

So far... today has been good. This morning I went out in the garden and picked some pesa and beans and corn!! I love it when I pick corn. I get itchy from walking in the corn rows and of course I get bugs all over me. I really DO like picking the corn. I don,t know how many we hucked this morning. I have it all put up in the freezer. This fall and winter we will enjoy those ears of corn. It always brings back memories of my garden. And the taste is far superior to the so called fresh corn you will get in the store come winter time.

You know I really do need to get busy. I have a bit of a lazy streak. I just realized that doing the corn is almost all I have done today. It did take about 3 hours to do though. wait a minute I did do something else. I made fresh blueberry pancakes to eat for breakfast. And washed dishes. And I helped a friend long distance over the phone fix her computer.

 And now it is almost time to take Brook to her tae kwon do classes.

Here are some pictures of the first bucket of corn I picked this morning.


  1. WOW your corn looks good. Some guy may bring some to my hubby at work. I cant wait. its suppose to be sweet corn. Lori

  2. Nothing like corn on the cob for supper. It looks beautiful. Paula

  3. I love this entry Celeste! I want a garden like yours!!!! & Blueberry pancakes are my all time FAVORITE! ...Jeez, I think you did more than enough! : )

  4. yum yum, i want some corn is only about 12 inches For some starnge reason i also like picking corn...maybe im just a weirdo i dunno. What is PESA? never even heard of it.

  5. Ok, that corn looks yummy. Might have to go get me some to shuck for that fresh flavor, now. Hah, a lazy streak? I'd hate to see your busy day schedule. ;) Those pancakes sounded scrumptious too!



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