Saturday, July 3, 2004

First Year!!

 Celebrating 1 year Aol Journals! Pass the torch on in celebration!

 If you'd like to help pass it through AOL-J Land, please just copy and paste it into your journal (don't go through the bother of putting it in your FTP space --unless you want to do that).

If you do put the torch in your journal (whether it be in an entry or in a sidebar). Please click here  to email me the URL of your journal and where you're located (as much information as you're comfortable with giving, state, country) so we can keep track of where the torch has been."


  1. I ll try to put this in my entry later today. Lori

  2. Happy 4th Celeste! : )

  3. I just LOVE seeing the torch in the sidebars.  Thanks for keeping the fire burning.

    ~~ jennifer


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