Thursday, July 15, 2004

Early day today. Had to take the garbage out to the road this morning then off to the store to do my grocery shopping. I hate spending money on groceries. Everything has gone up so much. After I got back I saddled up Crystal for Pat. He had to go get the runaway again. I don't know what I am going to do with her. This is 2 days in a row. Oh well. Hopefully she will stay for a while now. Eyeore is back and she likes him.  Precious, poor thing always has a fit when Crystal leaves. I think she suffers from separation anxiety now. She calls for her the whole time that Crystal is gone. This never happened before the incident with the stud. She was tearing the field up with her running and calling. I hate seeing her so torn up. I wish I had one of those American or English saddle so I could have ridden her too. I am going to see is I can't find a bareback pad so I can ride her some. The place on her back is still puffed out so I cannot put my saddle on her. I miss riding her.


  1. awwww that poor horse I feel sorry for it tooo. Hope you can find a way to ride . Lori

  2. your horsey's are so beautiful Celeste....i havent rode a horse in years, and really really want to

  3. Love the pics.  Your horses are so pretty.....and that little Eyeore.....I would love to have one like him.  They are so cute.  There is one out the road from us.....a jenny......that is so pretty.  She's a good bit bigger than Eyeore though.  I would love to have a miniature donkey.  


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