Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Today is too hot. It reached 103 awhile ago. It just had to do it when I was outside. It felt so good out so I decided to walk to the back field. That was not smart. By the time I got back to the house sweat was pouring off of me.I came inside and cooled off. Signed on and the temp said 103!!! I tell you what I think I better check the weather before I do that again! It is down to 98 and we are now under a severe thunderstorm watch. We were hit with one last night, no rain just high winds. We had stuff all over the yard. Limbs broke off of trees and were on the road when Pat came home from work last night. He said a couple times he had one go flying in front of him. Some how I managed to sleep thru it all. Thank goodness. I hate certain type of storms. You know the kind that can make you realize that this isn't Kanas no more. Except in my case it would be Georgia.


  1. We just had the cool front move thru in my neck of the woods here in Ky we were 93 yesterday. now its 81 so there is hope that the cool front will be on its way. Yes I love my first alert temperature thing. Keeps me dressed right sometimes though I tell you the sun and humidity play a role in how hot it actually is. Lori

  2. ok no more whining for me that its 82 degrees.....i wouldnt leave the house if it was that hOT!


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