Wednesday, July 7, 2004

My sister's day

Today is my sister's birthday. She turns 50.  I am proud of my sister. She has done a good job of raising my niece. She has stayed married for 24 years now in spite of all the ups and downs. She was the main caretaker of our mother while she was alive. She is a strong woman.I sent her a balloon and cup bouquet. We have never done anything for each other's birthday but I just felt the need to do it.We do not have the best relationship but I do love her. I would love for my family to be close. I love each and everyone of them.


  1. Happy birthday to your sister and she soounds like a wonderful person. Lori

  2. I know what you mean about wanting to be close to your sister. I have 2 and we were very close, until lately when one of them got mad at 2 of us. It hurts me soo bad. I miss us being friends. I hope some day she will not be mad at us. I think it was nice for you to send the balloon and the cup bouquet, I sent the one that is mad a card for her birthday and also mother's day. I still have not heard from her, but at least she knows that I still love her no matter what

  3. I love you , Celeste ! I know Ive not read alot or participated alot in the chats and boards.......but I see your heart and I know your sis does too !!

  4. hestiahomeschoolJuly 9, 2004 at 3:07 AM

    I am no longer close to my sister and it absolutely breaks my heart.


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