Saturday, July 17, 2004

And the weekend starts

I guess today will be a busy day. I have to go buy some fence posts and more electric wire. We will be putting up a new fence. Just a small one about 6 foot high. I am going to make a small corral for Belle. She has decided to jump the fence again . We locked her in the barn and maybe one minute after we let her out she jumped the fence. Every time we put her back in the pasture she goes right to the fence and over she goes. I have thought about hobbling her but what if she tries to jump while hobbled? She could possibly cause herself serious injury. I am so frustrated with this.

While I am out I will go see my daughter. I need to take her some inserts for her shoe. It is the only thing I am allowed to bring her. They are required to buy what hey need from the jail store. A travel size bottle size of shampoo is $2.50. Since they do not have inserts and she needs them because of having one leg shorter, I am allowed to take her some. Brook enjoys these visits. She will be home September 29th to start the next chapter in her life.

Time to get busy. See everyone later. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What horrendous prices in the jail store.  I thought they would have the same prices as everywhere else.  This makes no sense to me.  How could this be? -Krissy

  2. Have a great weekend.  Hope you have a nice visit with your daugther!

  3. I had to ask my hunny what hobbling meant, and oh how sad, that I think would be very hard to watch. How scary that little devil, Why does she insist on running off?
    I'm glad your daughters comming home soon, I just hope she has learned from her mistakes. Oh I so know what your going through!

  4. She is so lucky to have your steadfast love behind her.


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