Monday, July 26, 2004

Today has been a day. LOL.  My hunny got up apoligizing to me. He was out of sorts yesterday due to a problem at work. I took it in stride. It is nothing new. As a matter of fact I did not think he was bad at all. He worrys about the bills and that always puts him on edge. I try to reassure him. I know that if he left his job and went somewhere else that we would be okay. He is afraid to. He won't admit it though. This job has him so unhappy. It really puts a strain on our relationship. I have encouraged him to look for another job. I will be honest... it scares the hell out of me to think of him without a job. I know that I cannot make enough money to pay our bills and eat. I used to be able to when I was working in respiratory. I made twice as much as him. The mental strain was more than I could take. It is a hard job for someone that gets emotionally involved. I should have never left retail work. That is the only job I will ever do again.

So anyway I fixed him breakfast and he decided to ride his horse. I encouraged him to do so . He usually feels better after he does that. I figured that I would get on the computer while he did that. I did not get to stay on very long. We had a couple of visitors to the farm. Unwelcomed visitors. 2 dogs, one of which was a puppy came up to the house. Stinker, Brook's dog was thrilled to see them. Crystal, Pat's horse was not happy to see them. She does not like dogs. Susie, our own she-cat from hell, was VERY UNHAPPY! She proceeded to whip up on all 3 dogs. You would have thought WW3 had broke out in my front yard.  All 5 pounds of Susie was tearing those dogs up! They did not know what had hit them. She is spitting and yowling, brook is screaming and crying, Belle is tearing the ground up with her hooves, dogs are yelping and the poor puppy is crying so hard and loud that Pat came flying up on Crystal! He jumps off the hose and goes running up to Brook wanting to know what was wrong with his baby! She is crying Susie. He thought that Brook had gotten hurt by Susie. He is saying where is she I will kill her and is asking Brook where she is hurt. It was a mess. Susie used to attack Brook everytime Brook would walk by her that was the cause of Pat's responce. Anyway I got the mop out and got Susie off the puppy before it got hurt anymore by her. I then put her in the house. Everything finally got all settled down. I do not know where the dogs arenow. Probally still out there.

I hate when someone just dumps animals off. They think that because it is a farm that sure we can take care of them. Well excuse me we buy our food just like you do. We have to get them shots and stuff just like you do (or like you are supposed to do) Most of the time these dogs end up being shot by someone or killed by a car or picked up by the dog catcher if someone calls them out. They are rarely taken in by anyone. We have a kill shelter. No animals are left in there over the weekend. I hate for an animal to go there but it is better than the alternative. Have you ever seen a dog that has starved to death? I have. I have seen bags of puppies and kittens thrown off on the side of the road or in a creek. And they were alive when they were put in the bag. Sorry I am rambling.

After that I got Pat off to work and Brook and I got ready for Tae Kwon Do. She is doing well, I think. I hoe hat she continues to want this because I have signed a year contract.



  1. Yes men stresss over jobs. My honey left his job becuase he was unhappy and God blessed him with more money and a better job.
    That is not a pretty pic of how the dogs go. hate ot hear that. Lori

  2. What a nice hubby, hope things are better for him. WW3 sounds pretty funny however i know what you meant by poor animals. When we used to live in the country man, I was havin a hard time feedin all the strays too, people are so mean by dumping them....I would take em all if i could afford it.

  3. GRRRRR, that is like my biggest pet peeve, or one of the main things that takes me to my 'ANGRY' place. Discarded animals. I would so enjoy finding every single person that has tossed an animal away like a piece of garbage and kick them. Erm, while wearing my steel toed boots, of course.


  4. We seldom get dogs dumped here, but my puppy came from a mom that was dumped a mile up the road; the people are rather secluded, and have quite a problem with people dumping their dogs nearby.  It's so cruel; shooting them would be so much kinder.

  5. I can so relate--my husband did lose his job a year ago, and it's been hell. He feels guilty about me working--men do not take that well.  About your horse/dog/cat fiasco...Cat's aren't afraid of anything--you have to admire their spunk! Glad everything has quieted down! It's good to know people like you treat animals with kindness. People can be so mean!

  6. hestiahomeschoolJuly 28, 2004 at 3:28 AM

    We live right smack in the middle of the city--here it is stray cats.  We've spayed and neutered a few and have our own little is so sad when people don't take care of them.


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