Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Last night and now today

Yesterday started as a very uneventful day but it sure did not end that way!

Brook and I left for her tae kwon do class and on the way we saw my friend K. Well we stoppd and chatted for a few minutes the country way. Don't know what the country way is? Well it is where you stop in the road one car one way the other the other way and roll down windows and talk. You don't move sometimes until a car comes up behind you! Any way she asked that I come over after Brook's class and we go eat.

Every thing was going just fine. The class is growing and the Master had some help, a red belt and a black belt. 2 very talented boys with a world of patience to deal with these young children. brook broke her second bord with her hand and it only took 2 tried this time. Her form improves everytime she attends class. She is asking to go to open class on the other 2 days a week that she does not have a class. I may take her in the future but not now.

After class we go to K's house and then leave from there to go to Don Lolo's for dinner. The food ther is good. We enjoy eatting there. I had Chili Colorado. fter dinner I had to go potty. Well I get in there and my world turned upside down! Literally! I am just sitting there and BAM everything goes to spinning, I am having pain in my chest and gut. The world is getting brighter and brighter. Everything is turning white and glaring. Then it disapperars. I am in a cold sweat and can feel that I am white as a ghost. I catch my breath and go back to the table. People are looking at me funny, a cop walks by and looks at me but continues on. I sit back at the table and BAM it hits again. Only this time I do not pass out. I feel like I am going to be sick and go to pottyroom again. This time I get violently sick. I canot remember the last time that happened to me. I thought okay I will be better now. I just ate too much. Then out I went again. I think the black outs only lasted a few seconds but I really do not know. I had no watch on and no one else was in there. I finally get the bill paid and we leave. Back at the apartment I passed out again. I am sitting still when this happens. Well K decided that she was taking me to hospital no matter what I said. Monday night in the ER what a wonderful place to be. It was crowded. Mostly with people that should have gone to Doctor in the morning. (I used to work in ER so yes I do know that.) Afyrt a little over 2 hours I finally got back there. I almost went home but like I said I have worked there before and I knew that my symptoms were a possible stroke and /or heart attack. I know you are saying but you are only 45. I remember 1 night in ER we had 2 fatal heart attack victims both of whom were 42! After blood work and an EKG I was sent for a CT scan. The blood work did show a few things but nothing surprising. My blood test for heart attack actually showd that I had some cardiac enzymes but not enough to warrent further testing. The EKG showed a mild RBBB. Nothing serious. The CT scan did not show any large bleeds. It was inconclusive for small bleed. ( They did not know that I knew how to read a chart and left it in my room. ) The Doc gave me a diagnose of vertigo. He said possibly caused by fluid in ear but he feels that it may be more than just that. One of the reason that they checked so strongly on the stroke and heart attack is earlier in the week I had jaw pain and that goes along with heart attacks. And Sunday I had a severe case of tremors in both hands that would not stop. It lasted for more that an hour. This along with occasional numbness for no reason  are signs of a stroke or an impending stroke.

So anyway after getting home at 2 am I am tired. I got up this morning feeling all woozy and wiped out from that pill I was given last night. There is still some spinning if I move my head too fast and overall I fell like a newborn kitten, weak. I have an appointment with my regular Doc in the morning and we will discuss what needs to be done and if other tests are needed.


My hunny has been so wonderful. He would not even let me go to the bathroom by myself! Thank goodness he has left for work!!! LOL


  1. I wondered what had happened to make you disappear from online!  Here's hoping your doctor gets to the bottom of this mystery.

  2. I know this must have been awful, especially having worked in the ER and knowing what was going on. I sure hope the Dr. finds out what the cause of this is and can get it stopped. Take care of yourself.

  3. I hope you are feeling better!  I'll keep you in my prayers.

  4. Well I really hope it is just inner ear. I have that alot. Its a family thing and drs have a hard time with it for some reason. I have had the jaw pain radiating down my arm and in my collar bone Shortness of breath and dizzyness. Had it for many years. Please keep us posted and yes hubbies can be worry warts. Lori

  5. You poor thing! I'm so glad your ' hunny' is taking care of you. Are they going to be able to make certain if it was a stroke, or not? I wanted to thank-you for visiting my journal, and leaving your comment--I'm so new at this, it is so exciting to know someone actually read my journal, much less leave a comment! hope you feel much better soon!

  6. Holy -you know what- ((((Celeste)))) Don't over do anything! REST! REST! REST! I am relieved to hear that the doctors didn't find anything pointing to a heart attack or stroke but you should still REST!!!! You are in my prayers & I am sending you lots of hugs & positive thoughts!!! ~Ann : )

  7. Celeste, I had these same symptoms (eerie how similar our stories are ~ I too was in a restaurant when I passed clean out on the floor with pants around my ankles)... I was in the hospital for 3 days.  I had experienced a Transitory Ischemic Attack... TIA.. my doctor called it a mini-stroke.  They don't always show up on CAT scans.  What my doctor told me was that the cause of most TIA's is a temporary blockage of that main artery going through your neck to your brain,..
    That was in 1991 and I was 31 years old.  It happened again about four years ago.  You might want to ask your doctor about TIA's... also,, did the ER doctor check your blooc glucose level... maybe you've developed diabetes?  Just a thought.


  8. Hope you feel better. I hate ER's too. In New Bedford,where I use to live,you wait at least 5 or 6 hours.  Anyway,if you're ever in the city,in Mass,you should see the way people talk. Stopped in the car in the middle of the road.  I'm 24 and maybe it's just stress but every now and then I firmly believe it's time for an overhaul.  Enjoy your guy spoiling you while it lasts. From what I know it,it doesn't always last long.  

  9. Yep sound sexactly like what we talked about, I'm thinking that maybe the food you were eating was very very salty and triggered it, also ill tell ya when you sy that about moving your head, to fast, that is exactly how Menieres is, its the fluid swishing around in there. I would definetly ask your doc about Vestibular Rehab, I know it sounds crazy but it also helped me. I felt so stupid doing it, but teh more you move your head the faster the outbreaks go away! Trust me, 4 years of this, i have done alot of things on my own and am happy to share what Ive learned. I hope you feel better. Oh and also Barometric pressure has some bearing on the flare ups, when its real hot or real cold. weird disease it is.

  10. Celeste,  I'm sure glad you're doing better.  Take care of yourself and make sure the dr checks everything possible.  Could any of this have been from a pinched nerve or something from your back injury?  Just a thought.  
    Anyways,  Take good care of yourself.
    Sending big big hugs your way.  
    Love ya,

  11. OMG ! Celeste.......are you ok?

  12. I hope you are ok and not having a stroke or heart problems. -Krissy

  13. I too know how to stop and talk the country way and also the country wave. LOL Paula

  14. Oh, that is so scary!!  I stayed offline for a day or two and you get sick!!!  Poor thing!! It sounds like an awful experience. I am sorry I didn't offer support earlier!!


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