Thursday, July 8, 2004

Full day

I got up early this morning and got right to work. First thing I did was take the garbage out. This is not a simple walk to the curb this is over 1/8 of a mile dragging an over 4 foot high 2 foot wide can down an unlevel partly graveled driveway, through a puddle that is about 8 inches deep today. The walk is over a quarter of a mile. Now that is easy except when dragging that can!

Next I started some laundry and cooked breakfast. After breakfast I went out in the garden and pulled weeds and picked some tomatoes. They are not doing good. Too much water. The corn is ready to pick but not today. After I did that for about an hour or so I wwent and got Precious out. I brushed her down and then sprayed her for flies. I then took her and placed her in the back field. That did not make her happy. She does not like being separated from the other horses. It is neccessary to do so. The front field does not have enough grass to allow all 3 horses to graze it all the time. And.... since Belle will not stay in a field by herself we have to remove a horse everyday to the back section. When the donkey was here we could place 2 horses back there. we cannot put Belle back there at all because she will get out. She can get out where she is when she wants. It just is not as easy as it is in the back. Plus we can keep an eye on her in the front.

 We fiddle farted around a little more outside. Then I went and filled the truck up with gas and I also filled up a coupkle of cans. When I got back Pat played games and I folded laundry while watching tv. It is just about the only time I watch anymore. Then I fixed lunch and Pat's dinner and off we both went.

I went to my friend's house and set up her computer for her. That is an ordeal. She has way to many wires and gizmos on her computer. She uses none of it. She has used the scanner maybe twice in 4 years. She won't use the printer because ink costs too much, the speakers are always turned off, the webcam has never been turned on and the mic never used. The only thing she uses regularly is the digital camera. I just keep putting it together for her. everytime she moves it, I am the one that puts it together. After that off to tae kwon do for Brook. After that Walmart for groceries then home again.

Dinner and now I finally get to go online!!! And where do I go to first? My mailbox! Everybody wrote today I do believe. I had 74 AOL Alerts on journals today. LOL.

I hope everyone has a good evening, or rather night now LOL. I am off to POGO.



  1. Sounds like you've had a busy day!  74 alerts???  OMG, and I thought I read a lot of journals!!!

  2. hestiahomeschoolJuly 9, 2004 at 3:04 AM had a day that makes me feel lazy....

  3. gosh sound slike z a very busy day celeste!

  4. Yeah those alerts can be over whelming.  Glad my trash can is just down my concrete drive way. Not too hard to get to. Yes I have to do my moms pc. Lots of wires. Have a great weekend and maybe a dry one.

  5. Alot of wires, huh?  Apparently, you knew what you were doing ... nlike "moi".  I used my scanner to make a grilled cheese sandwich.
     Great journal!  Keep 'em coming!

  6. Celeste, it was great chatting with you last night.  I do enjoy your journal entries; keep it up!


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