Thursday, April 14, 2005

Where did it go?

I have no idea where today went. I got up this morning. Then everything started full speed. Paid some bills, got Brook up and off to school. Threw a load in the washer, then took the garbage out to the road. Then my daughter and I went off to Walmart to do my grocery shopping. Then the bank and coop for feed. Got back home and cooked some breakfast. Hash browns, bacon and eggs for them, Grapefruit and toast for me. Clothes in the dryer, clothes in the washer. Clothes ready and fold, sort and hang them. Clean kitchen back up, run dishwasher. Then off to the bathroom to straighten out my makeup drawer. HUMMMMMM I need some new stuff. No powder, no eye shadow, wrinkle cream almost gone..... I have got to keep my finger out of my nose. Dang allergies are giving me bloody boogers. Brook gets home and it is homework time. Something is missing.... O yea Pat left early to go apply for new job. Stupid people don't know how to treat a loyal, hardworking employee. Fixed Red Baron pizza for dinner, went to Tae Kwon Do, made it home and got Brook in bed. She did not want to go. Wanted to beat her.LOL I am sleepy. Stayed up to 2 am last night dot up at 5:30. There you have it, the boring highlights of my day. I forgot me time today. Now I am too tired to even enjoy me time. Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow...


  1. Good gracious girlfriend..........did you have time to take a breath? lol
    Wow, I thought I had hectic days, but your's beat the heck out of mine! Why is it, when we are our most tired that the kids choose this time not to want to go to bed????? lol It is like they have a radar that homes in on these things!
    Take a break for yourself!!! I hope Pat gets a great where he will be appreciated.
    Take care,

  2. Whew! I am yawning just reading this. Tired!

  3. Oh Celeste, my day was long.  So very long and slow.  I am so glad to be home!  Yes, as Scarlett said in GONE WITH THE WIND, "Tomorrow."  Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  4. Better than being bored my friend.  I have days like that sometimes.

  5. You must be exhausted after the busy day you`ve had.  My washing machine and dryer have been going all day too! :-)   Sandra xxx

  6. Busy, busy...!  JAE


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