Monday, April 25, 2005

Hey there!

This has been a busy week and weekend.

I got a cell phone. My first one ever! I am 45 and have not had one of those things plastered to my ear! I now have this strange growth on my ear! I get the free time and hubby and Candy get the minutes! LOL No problem there. I don't know anyone to call except for them and 2 other people. The good thing is all 4 of us have Verizon so I can call them free! LOL That's it. I have 3 numbers in my phone book. Do you have a cell phone? How many numbers are in your phone book? Who is your carrier?

Brook went to a birthday party on Saturday. It was at the park but quickly got moved to the house! It was cold and windy. Of course the kids did not notice but us adults sure did! I had a good time. Brook gave the little girl a Neopet and a box of books. The books are ones that she learned to read with.

Tonight, Brook has Tae Kwon Do. She has it 3 times a week now. Saturday she has a demo team event at one of the parks in town. Pictures will be taken of course!

Ok. I confess. I blew my diet this weekend. Saturday I had pork chops and eggs  for breakfast and hot dogs for lunch. Dinner was a grilled cheese and chips. Sunday I had roast, mashed potaoes, peas and pineapple upside down cake. Did I mention I am on a low cholesterol and diabetic diet?

We rode a little yesterday. The wind was blowing and they were a bit jumpy so we stayed near the house. Most of my time I spent on grooming Precious. She is so hairy! It will be summer before she gets slicked out!

Pat and Brook went fishing yesterday evening. Brook was tickled pink. She came rushing in the house telling me all about how she caught the most fish. She caught 5 while Papaw only caught 1. LOL What she did not realize was that Papaw spent all his time baiting her hook and taking her fish off. He did not mind. It made her so happy and that made him happy! I read him an entry this morning about getting a hug and he said that hugs are one of the very special things that he looks forward to.

That's it for now. I have one more load of laundry to do today. Then it will be time to fix some dinner and get to TaeKwonDo.


  1. Obviously you enjoy cooking as much as I do, and watching everybody enjoy eating it.

  2. I`m glad to hear that you enjoy your food!  I couldn`t manage without my mobile phone.  I like to have it in the car in case of emergency.  I feel safer that way especially at night.  :-)  Sandra xxx

  3. We have had a cell phone for several years now, it all started when I took a part time job at night across town and a cell phone was a safety issue, now the only one who uses it , is my hubby, because I need to be able to call him if I have a health emergancy,our service is verizon, we NO numbers in the phonebook because the only number the cell calls to  is home , but mainly it's calls going from home to the cell.In fact my hubby doesn't even know the cell number, he always has to ask me  LOL
    we know many people who only use cell phones, they don't have a regular house phone, cell plans have become so cheap, they are switching to cell for household use

  4. Yeah , I was one of the last to get a cell phone and to be honest I still dont use it quite as much as my J but Im home more.. I cant see living without it now though , like if you are out and you need to ask.. hey hun what do ya want for dinner tonight Im in the grocery store.. lol*
    Its good for those occasions too!
    As for the food.. sounds yummylicious.. everyone needs to go off the diet once in awhile.. but be careful if diabetic.. I have the opposite deal.. hypoglycemic.. and Im never hungry enough it seems.. but anyway.. Im pretty good at leaving long comments! lol*

  5. My cell phone is a benefit of my job. I think I have about 30 names listed. It's a picture phone which I don't use and the other day I got a text message and didn't know how to much for being "techy".

  6. I have said I would let my home phone go before my cell phone! I need it for saftey at night when I have toi close up at work and I also feel safer when I am on the road with it. We are with Cingular and me ,my husband, and my daughter have one and we get free calling to each other,also free long distance and roaming.


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