Thursday, April 7, 2005

Thanksful Wednesday

I got this from Julie  She is doing a piece called Thanksful Wednesday.Tell which friend are you most thankful for and why.

I am most thankful for Connie. We met back when I was a young mother returning to high school to get my diploma. We knew each other before that, sort of. Our parents went to the same church but she was several years younger than me so no way would I hang out with her. Somehow age did not make much difference this time. She made me feel much less awkward at attending school with kids so much younger than me. I was welcomed into her group of friends no questions asked. Thru her I discovered the fun of high school. As the years have gone by, our friendship has grown. We have been thru rough times and good times, husbands, boyfriends, sickness and health, being apart and together, life and death.. There have been long periods of time when no calls were made then days when we can't get enough of each other. We have been together 25 years now. I look forward to at least 25 more.

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