Sunday, April 17, 2005

The secret of life is to know when enough is enough
- Dr. Vincent Ryan

Editted to add:


1987 - USA

Rating: R (Violence/Not For Children/Profanity) Running Time: 96 minutes 


This low-budget actioner is set in a world gone mad with the fear that WW III is imminent and centers on a survivalist who has stashed away a veritable armory of high-tech weapons to protect his family. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

 CAST FOR 'The Survivalist'
Steve Railsback - Jack Tillman
Marjoe Gortner - Lt. Youngman
Cliff De Young - Dr. Vincent Ryan
Susan Blakely - Linda
David Wayne - Dub Daniels
Joe Walker - National Guard, Motorcyle Platoon
Don Steffey - Arthur
David Green - National Guard, Motorcyle Platoon
Michael Flynn - Co-Pilot
Oscar Rowland - Al
Jack North - Deputy "Slim"
Roger Jackson - Man in the Truck
John Cunningham - National Guard, H.Q. Staff
J. Kenneth Campbell - President's Spokesman


  1. Great quote ... but WHO the hell is Vincent Ryan?

  2. hmmm.... food for thought :-)   Sandra xxx

  3. Definitely agree...super good quote. But is he an author, t.v.  "talking head", expert on something, etc. WHERE did you find this??

  4. Celest, you hit the nail on the head for me today. I don't know if you remember the problems I was having with one of my sisters or not. But I wrote her a long letter, pouring out my heart and asking for forgiveness for what ever I had done to make her mad or hurt her. She has not spoken to me in over a year. I have cried a bucket of tear about this. She wrote me back, and really let me have it. She said I had always been mean to her and she had always been alone, and so on and on. I didn't realize she felt this way. She has no intentions of even trying to get past this. Well, when I got the letter yesterday I said just what you said this morning. " ENOUGH IS ENOUGH "  Thanks for putting it into words. I needed to hear that Have a blessed day. Hugs, Denise


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