Saturday, April 30, 2005

more thoughts

This part here is in addition to what I wrote in my Journal Jar.

Did your parents ever have a baby-sitter for you?  Were you ever left in someone else's care.

When I was a little baby my grandmother stayed with us and kept me. After that if I ever needed watching Mrs. Larkin would keep me. She kept all kinds of kids. My mama was a SAHM until I started school. I think when I started second or third grade she got a job. I suppose I became what they can a latchkey kid then. Except for one thing, our door did not have a lock on it! Small town, low crime rate, good place to raise kids! I would ride the bus home from school and mam would be there a little while later. If I had homework I would do it. Now that was a big if. I usually did my work right after the teacher gave it to us.


When I was growing up it was easy to leave kids alone for awhile. My sister watched us when,( and it was a rare event) my parents ever went anywhere. In todays times you cannot leave your children alone. Times have changed. Some of it is for the better, other for the worse. I don't know if there are more child sexual preditors out there now or if there are just more people speaking up about it. I do know that there is more exposure to what is bad and evil in the world.

The good people of the world should, no they NEED to expose more of the good things that are happening. There is a great need for the good news. There is a great need for people to take a stand and say no more. Expose our children to what is right, not what is wrong. If someone is always exposed to the ugly and negative things then that is how they will see life. Smiles will be few and far between. Yes it may be a lot of work to find the beauty and goodness is things, places, people, but if you don't look , you will never find it. Good spreads just like evil and bad does. Why not spread good? It will make the world a better place for our children and their children.


  1. Haven't times changed? I think there were more child molestors then we like to think, but the child wasn't believed or was afraid to tell. All in all things were good then though with unlocked doors and everyone knew everyone etc. Paula

  2. You are so right Celeste!

  3. So true, so true!  I am a SAHM for many of those reasons.  Mine was a split family...luckily we all turned out fairly decent.  I decided long, long ago, that I would come home and stay here until my children were older.  My youngest is going to kindergarten next year...time to get busy again I think...   C.


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