Saturday, April 30, 2005

update on Brook

Brook has bounced back very well. She got right to it and cleaned up her room. She even ran the vacuum without whining about the noice! She wrote a letter to the litle boy apologizing about what she did. After being so good I did decide to allow her to spend the night with her friend. She did not know until I took her over to the little girl's house.

Yesterday was Field Day at Brook's school. I tossed a baseball for 2 hours and then had lunch with Brook. It was fun. I did not realize just how many kids knew me until all these kids started running up to me and hugging me or saying hi. My little Brook knows a lot of kids! Even the high school kids know her! Of course, she does take Tae Kwon Do with a group of high schoolers and ride the bus with some in the morning.

My niece is in town for a Christmas Tree Growers Assocation meeting. Her and her husband have a Christmas Tree farm in Nicholson GA. Here is a link to them We will be meeting them later on this evening at Ruby Tuesday for drinks. Well, they will drink, I will watch them. I am the driver. LOL

Bye Until later!


  1. SO glad to hear that Brook is back on course!!! lol
    I knew she would be, cause she knows that you love her and only want her to be a good child!

  2. What a happy entry!  You brought a smile to my face - thank you!


  3. I am so pleased that Brook has bounced back but I was sure that she would.  My own were just the same. We worry so much about them but they just get on with life without a backward glance..:-)   Sandra xxx

  4. Glad to hear about Brook.  Glad you are so popular with the other children.


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