Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Good morning!!!!

My nose is so sore! These allergies are making me want to chop off my nose! Right now I could soak a contact in there I have sprayed so much saline solution up it!

Toady is going to beautiful and I plan on being out in it despite my allergies. I do not let them stop me. yard work to be done, field woek to be down, garden fun to be done and housework to be done(inside ) So I am off and running!


  1. Yard work, eh?   You'll need a good sense of humuus then.

  2. Well, you certainly have some energy.  Tell me what pills you are taking so that I can get some lol because I have absolutely no energy whatsoever right now.

  3. Aren`t these allergies a nuisance?  Mine are dying down now, but at first in Spring when the grass is first cut and the blossom is out,  I sneeze as if it`s an olympic sport!  Does yours last all summer long?  Sandra xxx

  4. Hasn't it been beautiful here?  I'm glad you're enjoying it!


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