Sunday, April 3, 2005


As promised, pictures. This first picture is one of a bird cage I won yesterday as a door prize. Pat and I went to a bird show in town and we won a prize! LOL We need it too. Our cage was too small for our teils. And the color goes with our color in the living room!

Now this is a picture of Brook in the talent show on Friday. After kicking Master Lee down, she is picking him up! No wires attached!

This next one is one of her at her belt test breaking one of the 4 boards she had to break. Of course no problems there! That is Instructor (Mrs) Lee holding the board. She is not a lot taller than Brook is!

Today is a good day. The sun is shining, Pat went fishing, I still have a cold. And my daughter moved home with a broken heart  .


  1. Sorry for your daughter, but remind her that what doesn't kill her makes her stronger.  I remember what a broken heart feels like.  

  2. What a lovely cage you won and I love your birds.  Great pictures of Brook as well.  Thank you.

  3. domesticatedchicApril 3, 2005 at 7:39 PM

    oh wow! You won that cage! So cool.. Great pics! :)Mel

  4. Rainy crappy day here in Philly.   Congrats on winning the cage it looks fabulous !!


  5. This is a colorful entry today! But sorry to hear about the broken heart.

  6. Yippee, a prize!  Good job breaking the!  Too bad about the broken heart...JAE

  7. Wow!  You must be so proud of Brooke!  I know how hard she trains!

  8. I can not believe it!!! Brook uis actually picking hewr instructer up!!! lol
    She is really special, isn't she??? Good for her!
    I am sorry about your daughters broke heart...I hope it heals and she finds a new love!
    I love the cage! Weren't you lucky????
    Take care,

  9. Great pictures ... great entry, it seems as if all is as it should be!
                               *** Coy ***


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