Monday, April 11, 2005


Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, there was a light breeze blowing and all the animals were happy. After Brook and I got home we decided to get the horses out and really do a good grooming job on them. We brushed and curried Crystal and got her to looking pretty slick. Now Precious was another story. She would be a good northern horse. She does grow a good winter coat. I brushed and curried until I thought my arms were going to fall off. She still has a good coat of hair. Belle is another one with lots of hair. She is leaving big white places on the ground where she is rolling. After all the grooming we decided to give them a bath. It sure would be easier if we could put them in a tub! Actually they do pretty good. For a long time Crystal would not stand still for a bath. She panicked whenever water would touch her. Precious would stand there and just let you do anything to her. Out came the wash buckets. Crystal had lots of mud on her. She had decided that the best and fastest way to get to Pat was straight down the middle of the field thru the mud that the recent rains have decided to bless us with. First thing Crystal did after her bath was roll in the dirt.

After that she had to come over and give Pat the look while we were bathing Precious.

LOL It was so funny.

After the bath Pat rode Belle. She did so good. She is usually a bit squirrelly when you first get on her but then quiets down.


While Pat was riding Belle I rode around on the lawnmower. During that ride I mowed around the peach trees. See my baby peaches? They are about the size of peas. Both trees are loaded down! Well that was pretty much it for yesterday. I got sun burnt as silly me forgot that I have had no sun on my shoulders in a long time! Aloe time! O yes. One more thing. If you use my camera to take silly pictures they are in danger of being posted!


  1. Love the pictures, especially the silly one!

  2. Heh! Thanks for the lunchtime giggles!

  3. Great photos, and the silly one of course! I hope you`re not too sore from the sun :-)   Sandra xxx

  4. I got myself a bit of a burn on the shoulders this weekend, as well.  Glad to see your horses!  Mine got a hose down yesterday, too, but not a real bath yet.  I didn't plan ahead enough to have the stuff ready.

  5. Beautiful day wasn't it? I loved the pictures! You have some pretty horses!
    I know you were tired after all that!
    Take care,


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