Wednesday, April 27, 2005


These are my journal jar questions for today.

What household jobs do you like and dislike the most?

I like doing laundry. I know I am weird. I like the smell and feel of fresh laundry. You put the dirty stuff in and wash it. All the dirt goes down the drain. Then into the dryer it goes, to come out warm and smelling good. I love gathering up a load of towels and squeezing them and burying my face in them and sucking in a deep breath.

The thing I hate the worse is cleaning up the kitchen. I love cooking but I hate the cleanup afterwards. For some reasons the cleanup is a let down.

Do you like rain storms?  Do you have any memories connected with rain or storms?

I like rain. I do not like storms. I remember twice as a child turning off the air conditioner and being thrown to the floor because of lightening stricking the A/C unit. Twice we had to replace it! Living in an area that is prone to flooding, I have seen enough problems caused by heavy rains. Working in a hospital, I saw  enough death and injuries as a result of rain and roads. I prefer the soft gentle rains that soak the ground without washing away the soil.

Did you serve in the military?  Where and when? Share an experience. I was never in the military. I was married to a serviceman. I spent my time at Fort Campbell(Air Assault).I started to join the service at one time. I did have 2 branches actively trying to enlist me. I had taken an appitude test and had scored really high in a certain area that drew attention. They were both offering a very large enlistment bonus, medical wavier(for my deafness), and several other things which were not in the normal package. I turned it down because the one thing they would not do is allow me to keep custody of my child. I was a single parent. At that time, you had to relinguish custody for your entire term of enlistment if you were a single parent.

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