Tuesday, June 15, 2004

There are people in your life
who will either lift you up
or weigh you down.

Which one are you?


  1. go read part one first Its always some excuse) becuase she went to the funeral of a persons son she has not seen in two years and only sparcly saw before that. I dont thinkits wrong to go to funerals but they had said earlier in the day they would go out to eat for our dinner. (we go out for all our anniversarys and birthdays to celebrate on a one time really nice dinner rather than buy gifts) that was suppose to have happend in Jan. Well anyway........ she not only went to the funeral , she went to the visitation all day long and stayed the late into thenightat these peoples place. Now Just let me say this. When I do die I want only close friends there and family. I dont wnat people who did not spend time with me in real life. I guess when I die she will come spend the folllowing three days with me. GEEZZZZZZZ if you cant see me when I m alive dont come when I am dead. I mean come to visitatin and say your sorry for people i Left behind. AND DO NOT SUDDENLY MAKE ME OUT TO BE A WONDERFUL PERFECT PERSON!!!!!!! I hate that when people die suddenly they are saints. I told my hubby i ll rol out of my coffin if he does that and come get him. . Well anyway my family lives here but other than my grandmotehr who lives two houses down I hardly see them. I do see my parents who live over the hill btu the rest I dont. YOu know there seems to be a bunch of people feeling down. what is goingon in the air is it the venus connnection with the solar system. so go have your self a good cry and I ll cry with you and for you. GEE not much help am i????? Lori

  2. I am generally the lifterupper....lol

  3. I always want to lift up and if I weigh down,  it really bothers me later.

  4. hestiahomeschoolJune 17, 2004 at 5:16 AM

    I try very hard to be a lifter upper.

  5. I dunno.....hope Im the lifter upper......lol


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