Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Old Henry

I made my hunny's day today. I bought him an Old Henry. He had been looking at this particular model and I could tell he really wanted it. So I got it for him for Father's Day. For those not in the know.... Old Henry is a brandname for a rifle. That is right I bought him a gun. A real beauty of a gun, .22 LR repeater, 15 shot. Fancy too, it has brass all over it. Heavy for a 22 rifle. I like guns and have a healthy respect for them. I worked in a hospital so I have seen what kind of damage a gun will do to a body, all kinds of guns from bb guns to assault rifles. I have seen self inflicted shots and people shot by others, dead and alive.

I  live on a farm and know how they can save a life too. Mostly we shoot cans and things like that but we have been known to shoot animals with our guns. We do not go hunting even though we say we will go. We feed the deer and watch them out in our fields. We have wild turkeys, rabbits, groundhogs, squirells, and skunks and other animals come through here. We have no hunting signs posted on our property. I have killed a coyote that was killing my calf. I have killed a dog that was killing my chickens. It had killed about 20 chickens when I caugt him. He was not killing to eat, just to kill. It was a neighbor's dog. ( He said if I had not killed him he would have) my hunny killed a rabid skunk that was attacking our dog, right before he came after me. Man that skunk could ran! It tested positive for rabies.

I don't have a large stockpile of weapons and ammo. I am not militant.  I like my gun and that is that.


  1. I bet your man was really happy Celeste. My ex is a gun nut- He desperately want's a "walter" (I think thats what it's called)- I hope he enjoys it ! : )

  2. ladydriversammieJune 3, 2004 at 2:14 AM

    I hear you there...I have a 30-30 myself that Charlie bought for me and taught me to shoot.  I like it and would love to go deet hunting if we can ever get home long enough in the right season, but I do have a great respect for what they can do and am always very careful.  I haven't killed anything with it yet...but if there's ever a nasty little paint can or pop bottle stalking you in the woods...I got it covered!

    Sammie  :)

  3. My Granny, God rest her soul, She was almost attacked by a rabid fox once. It was eating its way though the wall trying to get inside the house to her. My brother ended up shooting it.

    I don't care much for guns but if I ever bought one, I'd want a 30.06 with a high powered scope. heh heh


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