Thursday, June 24, 2004

picking and kicking

Today was a slow lazy day for me. Well sort of anyway. I watched a movie and then I went blackberry picking.

Of course the blackberies went pricking. I don't like blackberries. They have too many seeds in them. They also have too many thorns! I must have a hundred pricks on my hands and arms. We did get a galon picked today. Counting all the rest we have picked this week we have picked 4 gallons of berries. We have a patch growing on the side of a hill on our farm. The horses stay out of it because it scratches them. The only thing we have to worry about are the birds that like to eat them, the wasps and yellow jackets that like to build their nest in them, and the snakes that like to live under them. Luckily none of those have bothered us. This week has been a neverending week of making blackberrt muffins and cobblers. I have also put some up in the freezer. The payoff is he has to help me pick blueberries!

The other thing I did today was to take Brook to TaeTwonDo. She started taking it last week and is really enjoying it. I hope that it teaches her self-discipline and coordination. Lord only knows she does not inherit the genes for coordination from me! I am #1 klutz!  So anyway she is a white belt of course. She is the only girl in the class. No problem there. The instructor is a woman, the master is her husband. They teach together. Here is picture of my little darling performing a blocking move with a punch to the throat or gut or just where-ever she reaches!!



  1. OH yeah I Love blackerberry jam. Hate to picken though Lori

  2. My daughters take Shaolin. They most times end up being the ONLY girls in the class and they have been the ONLY ones to stick itout. yesterday they became 2nd degree brown belts. The guys kind look at girls and say those wont last. They thought mind wouldnt Now they have great respect for them. I can understand thier thinking that since no other girls have stayed except mine. Master Nance is just under the grand master Sin Te. Grand master even comes here and tests our kids. thats rare. I started my girls taking the classes when Tracy my oldest had a guy who turned out to be a stalker. !!!!!!  Took over two years to get rid of him. Lori

  3. yum yum yum Celeste, i remember as a kid, eating blackberries with cream and sugar ove rthem....yum yum yum makes me want some right now.
    What a great picture of Brooke. Looks like she loves it!

  4. don't you love your camera!!!!! your little girl is beautiful, I know you are proud of her. Thanks for the pics I liked the ones of you all on the horse. It is fun to see who you read about each day. have a blessed day.

  5. hestiahomeschoolJune 25, 2004 at 4:33 PM

    We went black berry picking this week, too. Yum!!  My daughters train in Aikido.  Martial arts are GREAT for girls!!

  6. I just had to look at that picture again.  It's the teeth missing and the smile that makes he so cute!!


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