Friday, June 4, 2004

Looking ou the window

I have been just sitting here looking out the window watching the new day begin. There were wisps of fog drifting across the fields. The light of the full moon reflecting off of it. Now the sky is getting brighter with the arrival of the sun. A couple of bluebirds sitting on a pallet that is leaning up against the carport ignoring the kitten that walks past them.I see a buzzard floating in the sky. I am amazed everytime I see one of them in the air, something so gawkly yet soars so gracefully in the air. Clouds are floating by and clouds of white wildflowers are blooming in the fields. So quiet right now, peaceful.


  1. man i wished i lived there, it sounds so peaceful...

  2. That sounds really beatiful. I used to do that at my grandmas old house. :) It was really  nice and saw a lot of the same sites :)

  3. wow!  for a moment ~ I was there......sounds nice!

  4. sounds nice.  even the buzzard sounded kind of pretty.



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