Monday, June 7, 2004

I can do anything

I am home alone. Brook is at Vacation Bible School this evening and my hunny is at work. I can do anything I want and guess where I am? Duh.... sitting in front of the computer!!! LOLOLOL. I am addicted this machine and I probally will always be so. I enjoy my puter time even though there are times when I really do need to get off of it. O well. I AM HERE TO STAY LOLOL!!!!!


  1. It is amazing isn't it.  You can say I need time to do this and that, but when you get the time, it is back in front of the computer.  I do the same thing.


  2. I spend a lot of my free time in the house on the computer too.  I love reading the journals...

  3. Yes and the journals are really keeping me addicted t this pc. Not so bad in the winter But now tis finally warm I have out side chores to do LOL Lori

  4. LOL Welcome to my world Celeste.

  5. Hopefully you had a nice time by yourself! :) And like Lori said... Welcome to my world.. lol :) Computers are too addictive!



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