Wednesday, June 9, 2004

i think I need to clear one thing up. we have a fense around our place. We have 15 acres but she can jump it! She (Belle) has no problem clearing a 4 foot fence. It would cost us several 1000 dollars to put up new fence that will keep her in. And that is doing it ourself.


  1. have you heard about those training collars like dogs have. IT shockes them if they get in about 3 to four foot of the fence. Maybe get the wire strung out where she jumps to his property. I sure hope you can find away to keep her. Thats so so sad. I alays wanted a horse. Must be awful for you. Lori

  2. oh that

  3. Is she a Medicine Hat?  It looks like she is from the pictures.Could you try hanging just a single wire about two feet above the fence, then hanging little strips of ribbon on it?  That might frighten her off jumping?  She is a little beauty.  Mandy fell in love with her.  We have her on our computer background right now.


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