Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Bad start

 Today just had to start out like it did. 8 in the morning and I had not had my tea yet. The neighbor behind me came over and told me that he had just told my cousin (not mine and my hunny does not claim him ) to get his cows off of his property. Then he pulls a 9mm gun out of his waistband and starts walking away from me talking the whole time. Told me to remove my horse from his property or he would have to take measures to insure that she is removed. According to him she has been over there the whole time. Well the fact is she did not go over there until about 1am today. Anyway he is making all of these threats to me standing there with a gun in his hand. COWARD.  She would not have kept going over there if they had not been giving her treats and stuff. This is the same jerk whose cows would come over and eat my garden up or knock things over in my yard. So today I placed an ad in the paper to sell her. I hate to do that. She was born and raised here. She was our miracle baby.


The story of Isabelle

Valentine's Day 2001 we went and bought a beautiful Paint mare, Crystal.   She was so skinny I felt sorry for her. She was smaller than the rest of the horses and so sweet. Her blue eyes looked like they could see right thru you. We got her home and had the vet to come out and check her over and give her shots and worm her. The vet said that she could stand to gain a few pounds, at least a couple hundred pounds. She had a good time here eatting without anyone taking her food away from her. We started to get a bit worried about her because she gained weigh so fast. On June 10th we bought my horse, Precious. On the 17th, Father's Day, I was taken to the hospital with a broken back. That was a Sunday. Tuesday Crystal gave birth to Belle. LOL We were told that there was no possible way that she could be pregnant. The vet even said that. She was so malnourished when we got her that it is a miracle that she carried Belle. That is the story of her miracle birth. She is for sale now if anybody is interested.


  1. OH please dont sell your baby.l Cant you get a fence or soemthing. I mean pulling gun. report him. Thats not right. Oh please. I have read other journals today seems to be a bad day. I having one of those days too. Atleast ten things have gone wrong today. I hsould just stay in bed!!!!!!!! Lori

  2. I agree w/ My78!!! don't sell her, get a fence! Also call the cops on that pric!!! I know this is all easier said then done. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

  3. Wow.  That's scary about your neighbor.  I hope you reported him to the police.  That's not legal at all!

  4. oh man what a sad story, but a very happy one indeed, I am so sorry that you have to sell her Celeste I bet that breaks your heart...I'm sorry!

  5. hestiahomeschoolJune 10, 2004 at 2:21 PM

    You MUST call the police.  I had a crazy neighbor threaten to "bloody my lip" for trimming a tree that was overhanging our driveway.  HE called the police, ranting about,  and they arrested hm for terroristic threatening.  I decided in court to agree to his having FIVE YEARS of anger management therapy in leu of having to go to jail  for a year.  He didn't touch me.  A GUN!!! That is a very serious offence.
    love and good wishes,

  6. why dont you report that idiot for terroristic threats? Be careful of him...he sounds like a loon ! (They are all so beautiful)

  7. I wouldn't sale her...Screw that crack pot!


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