Sunday, June 27, 2004

Dreary day

It is raining again. Suits my mood. MIL was here yesterday.

To start off, I fixed breakfast after Pat got up. That was around noon. About 1:30 he says that he has to go pickup his mother that she was going to be here for the night. Thanks for the notice. So I get started on dinner. I tell him that it will not be ready until around 6. He tells me that he will stop and get his mother a bite to eat. Does he do this? NO. So as soon as they walk in his mama says when is dinner? I am hungry. When I said that it won't be ready for a couple more hours she says I should have stayed home. I was so mad. I wanted to just serve it then, raw pork chops and undercooked pinto beans. I asked Pat in private," I thought you said you were going to get her something to eat? You knew dinner would not be ready right when you got here. " Well I guess I set off WW3. The rest of the day was the pits. He said a few things and I decided to not speak because if I did I would blow my lid. Well his mother kept asking me if I was mad at her. Then she would ask me personal questions about my friend which I knew the answers to but they were not any of her business. I told her that I did not know and that it was not my business so I never asked her. She is the biggest gossip in the family and  never tells it truthfully. So that made Pat mad at me. He said that I do not treat his mother with respect. The rest of the day went just peachy.

Now it is Sunday. Are things better. No. His mother wakes me at at 7 telling me that my friend wants me to call. I had the answering machine on. She listened to the message and woke me up. The message was not urgent , it said to call later after church. Well I get up and fix a pot of coffee. The last pot I fixed she said was too weak so I made this one with a pre-measured pouch of coffee. It was too strong. That makes Pat mad. He said I did it on purpose. That I must have put a cup of grinds in it. He also said just wait until one of my family comes and stays. Like that will happen. He knew how much that would hurt. I do not have any family that will ever be staying with me. Well I made them their breakfast and I got ready for church. Brook and I left for Sunday School. We did not stay for services. I went and laid down because I had a headache. I guess I was rude. He left to take her home and he told Brook he was going fishing and took my camera with him. Like I believe him.

I am the one that is supposed to give my all. I am the one that is supposed to clean the house and cook the meals and entertain a woman that does not like me. If he wants her down here then why doesn't he entertain her? He just goes about doing what he wants. I am tired of listening to her go on about how she wishes she was somewhere else or with someone else. I am tired about hearing about her drug addict of a daughter and how wonderful V is. Little does she know. I know something that V has done that would destroy her mother but I will not tell her because I do not want to be the one to kill her. She has a bad heart.

So anyway he is "gone fishing" and Brook and I are here. I am tired. I am going to go play POGO.


  1. Wow, I thought I was having a depressing day at home... you made mine look like a piece of cake!  Your man sounds like a hopeless male chauvenist.  Good luck with him!

  2. sounds like no matter what you did, you couldn't win. I think this on those kinds of days: this day is going this way, this is my life today, to remind me to appreciate the good days, the regular ones, the ones I tend to take for granted. In your case, the days SHE's not there! Sounds like Pat gets tense and is on edge when she is around anyway. Wonder if you two addressed this together if it would help not have to be on the defensive with one another? Just a thought... hope you don't even need to think about it for awhile!

    ~ Karyn

  3. Oh you poor thing. Thats awaful. your having to put up with a lot.Lori

  4. (((Hugs Celeste))) So, you have "One of Those" to deal with (Pats mom) I dealt with a !$#@* like that for 7 years. (My first marriage) Thank God BD's family is in Ireland.  I hope Pat comes home and apologizes & that tomorrow is a better day! : ) Ann

  5. Sounds like Pat needs to read this journal entry so he can see things from your perspective. I express myself better when I write than when I speak so I've found my journal to be a great tool to pass along difficult information to my husband. He reads my journal almost every day. :-) -B

  6. You know what I do when I have unexpected dinner guests is take some barbacue sauce,pour it into a pot on the stove,toss the pork chops,or chicken,in and just let it cook.  It works. Add some seasonings and then cook everything else.  It's a good meal.  Depending on how thick the chops are and all it doesn't take long either.  

  7. ((((((((((sweetie))))))  My   MIL is pretty sweet but she still drives me crazy. Over the years I have passed more and more of the responsibility of dealing with his family to him.  (MY own family is crazy enough). So now HE has to buy her Mother's Day presents and Birthday and Christmas---and I tell her so, in the sweetest possible way.  As to the dinner situation, you were nicer than I would have been. I would have told her, "I am so sorry you are hungry. Why, Pat told me that he was taking you out for dinner!  Pat, darling, go get your poor momma something to eat."
    I can be a real bitch.
    love, Kas


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